Details emerging after helicopter attack in Afghanistan

Monday, August 8, 2011 - 5:24pm

Details are emerging on just what may have happened Saturday during an overnight raid that killed 30 Americans and eight Afghans as their helicopter came crashing down.

Both NATO and U.S. officials are giving us a little bit more information.

What we do know is they were part of a reinforcement team compiled of elite units, including the Navy Seals; they were going to a place called the Tangi Valley in Wardak Province to help U.S. Army Rangers who were pinned down in a fight with the Taliban.

As their CH-47 Chinook helicopter came closer to the ground, the Taliban fired a rocket propelled grenade, hitting the helicopter and killing everyone on board.

According to NATO and U.S. officials, an investigation is ongoing to get even more details.

The site of the crash has been taped off as they investigate and retrieve the wreckage. All the bodily remains have been retrieved, but now they're trying to identify the victims.

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