Demonstrations continue in Syria

Demonstrations continue in Syria
Thursday, August 4, 2011 - 8:15am

Demonstrations broke out across Syria. Cars were reportedly damaged in demonstrations against President Bashar Al-Assad. It was unclear if the demonstrators damaged the cars or if they were damaged by police cracking down on the protesters.

About 1700 civilians have been killed since protests against President Assad's regime began in mid march. The protests are taking place in several key towns in the country. People continue to protest against the Syrian president's regime despite a brutal government crackdown.

Activists said at least 45 people were killed during a tank assault thursday in Hama as security forces tried to retake the city's center. The U.N. security council has condemned the violence against protesters. It was the first substantive action by the U.N. since the five month old uprising began. Hama has been the site of some of the largest protests against Assad's regime.

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