"Corporate Zombie" protest attacks Wall Street

Monday, October 3, 2011 - 11:02pm

A protest that began with a few dozen demonstrators nearly a month ago now has thousands marching on Wall Street.

Monday's demonstration in lower Manhattan came with a theme: protesters decked out as money-eating, corporate zombies, and included older Americans as disgusted as the younger ones.

Activists rallying against the influence of corporate money in politics also put blame for the bad economy on Wall Street.

Like the Arab spring protests in the Middle East, this movement has also merged traditional media with digital social networking.

"It's becoming more and more organized each day and we’re building the infrastructure,” stated protest organizer Luke Richardson. “Every day, we get bigger and find out that our infrastructure is inadequate."

The infrastructure is still adequate enough to spawn other protests across the country, like the Occupy LA demonstration in Los Angeles, and the Occupy Boston members who took to the steps of the Massachusetts statehouse, calling themselves “The 99%”, pointing out that one percent of Americans control half of the country's wealth.

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