Casey Anthony's parents break their silence

POSTED: Tuesday, September 20, 2011 - 4:41pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, September 20, 2011 - 7:13pm

The defense claimed 2 year-old Caylee Anthony drowned in the family swimming pool, and not only did George Anthony know it, but he helped his daughter Casey cover it up.

Cindy Anthony says she learned of the alleged drowning from Casey's defense attorney, Jose Baez, shortly before trial. George was not invited to that meeting.

"I was hysterically crying,” said Cindy. “I couldn't believe that my daughter put us all through this, and that she ruined her life - that she, for three years, did not come forward and say something."

"I was never that one to believe a lot of the things, like the drowning,” stated George. “I still don't believe that. I kept on telling her, even the day my son and Cindy came back to our house - when they told me I said, ‘I don't believe it. Why wait for three years and tell us all this stuff?’ I didn't believe anything. I never believed anything that the defense had told me."

The defense claimed Casey first told a story of Caylee's abduction because she had been telling lies for years.

The defense also alleged George had been sexually molesting his daughter Casey since she was 8 years-old.

In a sit down interview on the Dr. Phil show, George Anthony denied all accusations of molesting Casey, and his wife believed him.

When the jury returned three verdicts, George and Cindy bolted from the courtroom, each with a different reaction.

Cindy said, "I was praying for all three not guilty, and I was elated when all three of them came back not guilty."

George disagreed. “Oh my gosh, my daughter is going to walk out of her, and I'm never going to know about Caylee,” thought Casey Anthony’s father. “I felt she needs to have something be held accountable for. If that meant being in jail - that meant being in jail. I didn't want to see my daughter put to death, but i wanted her to be held responsible for my granddaughter. I did, and i still do."

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