Bar-Cycle needs permit to operate in St. Louis

Bar-Cycle needs permit to operate in St. Louis

POSTED: Friday, July 13, 2012 - 1:00am

UPDATED: Friday, July 13, 2012 - 1:04am

It's known as a "Bar-Cycle" and its owner hopes to soon have the proper permits to operate it in Soulard. Dan Lloyd has been transporting beer drinkers on his barcycle for a year. He compares it to a limo only the passengers peddle while they sit at an open-air bar as they travel.

Lloyd filed paperwork with the State of Missouri to operate his barcycle but didn't know he must obtain permission from St. Louis City.

He will take the first step on Thursday morning when he appears before the St. Louis Metropolitan Taxicab Commission requesting a permit.

"It brings people from other parts of the city that might normally not patronize these bars so it's just something fun and different," explained Lloyd.

He said a number of bachelor parties and gatherings have been cancelled until he can obtain the proper permits.

Lloyd says the concept of a barcycle started in Europe. His brother launched one in Milwaukee and believes Soulard is the perfect location for one.

"There's a pub on every coroner and so a lot of people celebrate those special occasions down here anyway," said Lloyd. "We just provide kind of a fun vehicle to hop from bar to bar."

The St. Louis Metropolitan Taxicab Commission is scheduled to take up Lloyd's request Thursday morning during their monthly meeting at 9:00a.m.


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