Apple introduces new operating system

Wednesday, October 12, 2011 - 10:24am

Even if you're not rushing out to buy the new iPhone 4s on Friday, the iPhone, iPad and even iPod touch you already own could be getting an upgrade.

That's because Apple releases its iOS5 operating system on Wednesday.

"It's going to be over 200 updates to the software, and you know, there are going to be some things in there that iPhone users have been asking for and clamoring for," said Marguerite Reardon of

Among the new features is one in which Apple's actually playing catch up: the wireless syncing of music and photos with your Apple gadget.

That same wireless syncing with Apple's iCloud will allow for automatic content backups and software updates.

Also new to iOS5 is iMessage, a function similar to blackberry messenger. It allows users to share texts, pictures and videos with other Apple devices for free.

An upgrade to Apple's Safari web browser and additional parental controls are also part of the iOS5 package, which is available as a free download on iTunes.

IOS5 will work with both versions of iPad, the third and fourth generation iPod Touch, as well as iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4 and the new iPhone 4s, which has it pre-installed.

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