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Naked studier mystery

Naked studier mystery
Photo provided by staff.
Tuesday, May 6, 2014 - 6:40pm

A photo of a naked man studying in what some say is Middleton Library went viral, and now LSU Police Department is looking into the picture. LSU students say the photo was a funny distraction during finals.

"It's kind of some comic relief actually about finals," Quentin Virgets, LSU sophomore, said.

LSU Police Department officials say they found out about the picture Monday.

"Immediatly we started looking into where that photo originated from and attempting to confirm whether that was actually in Middleton Library as it claimed to be, " Cory Lalonde, LSUPD spokesman, said.

Studying students have their own questions about the photo that's all over social media.

"I was just wondering how he got in to the library naked, and how he wasn't caught by somebody right then," Katie McGarty, LSU senior, said.

Carol Furr, LSU junior, said, "I was wondering how he got naked, and how he was not freezing cold because Middleton is freezing. "

Whether the photo was staged or not, it's unclear. Students have their own opinions.

"It's probably staged, but I definitely believe that it was definitely just to get some smiles," Virgets stated.

"First, I thought it was a dare, or he lost a bet or something," Peyton Klemm, LSU freshman, said. "I'm not really sure."

Students say it is welcome distraction.

"It's kind of funny," Klemm said. "It kind of lightens the mood a little bit. Middleton is kind of tense this week, so it kind of brings some humor to the atmosphere. "

Now people are taking a little more time and are more cautious when trying to pick a spot to sit to study.

"It's kind of gross. You are sitting on like a public chair naked," Katie Auch, LSU Junior, said.

"Yeah they probably should do a little better job of cleaning the chairs now," Virgets stated.

Students explained when it comes time for finals anything can happen.

"Something like that always happens for finals week, and I feel like he wanted to be that something," McGarty exclaimed.

If you know anything about the photo, or who's in it call LSU police.

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