Morning Manhunt

POSTED: Thursday, April 9, 2009 - 5:44pm

UPDATED: Thursday, June 3, 2010 - 10:58pm

A man who shot off an AK-47 on the streets of Baton Rouge is now behind bars. It all happened on Plank Road just after midnight. Believe it or not, no injuries were reported, but there was a huge scene as the man with the AK-47 barricaded himself underneath someone’s house.

Neighbors say they saw a fight break out near Club Raggs on Plank Road, but a man who says he’s the director of security at the club says nothing happened there. Marcrecia lives nearby and says, “Why they worried about the club. A bullet could go through this house and hit anybody.”

Police say 20-year-old Marvin Payne opened fire with an AK-47, shooting into a car with four people inside. Sgt. Don Kelly with Baton Rouge Police Department says, “We’re still investigating what the gunfire was about and whether there may have been an exchange of gunfire. We had multiple weapons recovered at the scene.”

Police say Payne took off on foot with gun in hand and hid out under a house. The officer on the scene called for backup. “We do have special response team members that are on the streets almost 24 hours a day and can respond rapidly.” Neighbors say police were on the scene right away. “I came outside and I seen the dude. I seen the security telling him to leave, then they hopped in a Jeep and all you heard was boom, boom, boom gunshots.”

Special response officers were able to get Payne out from under the house and locked him up in the Eat Baton Rouge Parish jail. This isn’t Payne’s first run-in with police either. He was arrested last year for a fight at Glen Oaks High School that left one student hospitalized. Then, in April of last year he was arrested for two counts of attempted first degree murder. Police say Payne was in a car and shot a gun out the window. Last year he had a hand gun, now police say he has an AK-47. For this latest crime, Payne is charged with four counts of attempted murder, illegal use of a weapon, criminal damage to property, and resisting arrest. He’s locked up in the EBR Parish jail with a bond of $200,000.

Police picked up several guns at the scene last night. Last year, Baton Rouge Police took about 1,400 guns off the streets and so far this year they’ve picked up about 300 guns.