More People Carrying Concealed Weapons

POSTED: Wednesday, March 11, 2009 - 7:15pm

UPDATED: Thursday, June 3, 2010 - 11:57pm

It’s an increasing trend in Louisiana, more people are applying to carry concealed weapons. Our Lauren Unger talked to some who are seeking safety.

At Jim’s Firearms, there’s no shortage of people looking to carry a concealed weapon. There are pages and pages of would be gun owners signing up to take the class and get the license. And it’s a list that keeps on growing, people wanting to protect themselves by carrying a concealed weapon and taking the classes to properly do it.

Jim McClain, owner of Jim’s Firearms, says, “We normally have 20 to 30 people on a list at any given time.” Right now, there’s more than a month wait. Ray Quamme has had guns for years and says, “I wouldn’t leave home without it. I’d leave without my Visa or Mastercard, but I wouldn’t leave home without my pistol.” He’s already got a concealed carry permit, now he’s hoping to get his wife involved in class. “She knows she’s just got to reach a hand in her purse and she can protect herself and her kids.”

For many people we spoke with, it’s a matter of safety. Something that comes to the forefront with mass shootings like the one on Tuesday in Alabama. “All of a sudden they feel the need for more protection, then they’ll go to a concealed carry class or they’ll take self defense classes.”

But with that comes plenty of responsibility as well. Gun owner Louis Faxon, Jr. says, “When you take that gun and you step out of your home or vehicle, you’re taking the law in your own hands, so it better be a life or death situation.”

Louisiana law requires a criminal background check, completion of a course, and fingerprinting as just some of the requirements to carry a concealed weapon.