It’s not just a tiny home, it’s a way of living

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012 - 1:13pm

Think about the size of your bedroom. Now consider an entire house that is that size, or smaller.

Ann Holley and her partner Darren Macca have a home that is 129 square feet.

It is called "Protohaus."

"It's like a sailboat on wheels," Holley said.

A couple of years ago, tiny homes caught the attention of the couple.

So, for about $25,000, they set out to build one.

"A lot of people think you couldn't live this way," Holley said.

They built the home with the help of family in Colorado. Then, when Holley went to graduate school the couple drove the home there and lived inside.

Protohaus caught the attention of folks on both commutes.

"They would follow us off the highway and they would be like, 'How many bedrooms are in there?'" Holley said.

Inside the home is a composting toilet; a stove; a faucet; outlets; even a sink with water. The home is fueled mostly on solar power and propane.

"Cleaning the house takes 20 minutes," Holley said, laughing.

The two are now published in a book about tiny homes, and they're used to hearing questions and offering up advice.

"Making choices to live better is something that everyone can do. You don't have to be this extreme," Holley said.

But, she said, "Until you try it, you just don't know."

The two also have designs for tiny homes.

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