Military mom loses job after taking care of injured son


POSTED: Monday, November 29, 2010 - 5:09pm

UPDATED: Sunday, December 12, 2010 - 11:12pm

BATON ROUGE, La (WVLA)--The mother of an injured soldier is speaking out after she says she was fired for taking time off to be with her son.

Claire LeMoine worked as an assistant for Baton Rouge attorney Norma Beedle up until late September of this year.  LeMoine says that's when her 20 year old son Robert was shot while on duty in Afghanistan.

LeMoine says she spent two weeks with him while he recovered in Maryland.  And when she came back LeMoine says her job wasn't waiting for her.

"I'm frustrated that I have a son who was protecting this country and who was wounded and he may feel like he is to blame for me losing my job," Lemoine says.

Beedle wasn't at her office when NBC33 tried to contact her.  Several calls also went unanswered.

Federal law exempts small businesses from having to give unpaid leave in this situation--so the whole thing is legal.

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This story should have been titled "Military mom loses job after making threats and walking off the job".

Isn't technology amazing?

I also believe that she is using her sons military positions to promote herself. I do know that Ms Lemoine had her job when she returned and because she could not have things her way, she made many threats that even the police had to be called. She also walked off the job. Grounds for termination. I have two sons that served in Iraq. One in the Marines and one in the Army. I know the grief a parent has when a child is deployed. Ms Lemoine needs to learn some of her sons discipline.

So has this Lawyer had the guts to explain her actions yet to the news reporter? Pretty sad when you have your ex husband defending your stupidity. With two idiots like this in the legal system no wonder folks think the systems a joke. Good job of taking care of one of our wounded warriors Mom. I hope to see a follow up on this story soon. Seems like the truth has a Lawyer running to cover her sorry self . Good job Tyler. Keep reporting the truth .

I have been employed by a small law firm for over 22 years. When my Son served in Afghanistan earlier this year, I had no doubt that if I needed to take emergency leave, there would have been no question that my job was waiting for me upon my return. Loyalty, that's what this is about. Beedle has no loyalty to her employee or to her country. What an absolutely shameful way to behave. And they wonder why lawyers get a bad rep . . .

Being unaware that her job was terminated while she was caring for her son leads me to believe that Ms. Lemoine was given permission to leave and care for her injured son without repercussion. She went back to the office upon her return and found her job terminated. She was given permission to leave and was not told prior to "if you leave, you will no longer have a job" or she clearly would have told Beedle to shove her job up her Un-American ass.

You do not know what disgruntled is Dads Lawyer . Marines Dad.

I agree, the best thing all us LOYAL American's can do is BOYCOTT this business!!! In fact, I may just make a sign and go picket in front of her business. As far as any comments from her "ex" or "chris" go, OBVIOUSLY they have something to gain by siding with this EVIL, COLD HEARTED P.O.S...... IT IS LAWYERS LIKE HER THAT GIVE LAWYERS A BAD NAME. I am an Army Mom of TWO VETERANS, and like most military Moms, I would have GLADLY sacrificed my job for ANY HERO who has sacrificed so much.

What exactly would anyone have to gain by siding with "ex" or "chris"? When it comes down to it we should side with the TRUTH. And nobody knws but the persons involved. This shouldn't be abt personal gain & it's too bad LeMoine has stooped so low in effort to try & ruin Beedle's business. LeMoine's glad Beedle doesn't sue her butt off for defamation of character! Soon the TRUTH will prevail & all u ignorant people will see. And go ahead and picket, see if the police won't arrest your dumb ass!!!

May God continue to bless you Claire!! You and your hero son are in our prayers!!! I PRAY this business goes under, and this lawyer feels the full wrath of MILITARY MOMS!!! (and Dads)

Not only has Ms Beedle dishonored this injured Mrine but she has taken away his Mom's livelyhood thus putting more stress on this recovering Marine. As the Mom of a Marine serving in Afghanistan I find this behavior to be deplorable. Would it have been so hard to face the Mother and explain why she could no longer use her services? No she used a third party and hides from the News camera's when they asked for her side of the story. If you have nothing to hide from sep up and explain your actions

There are 2 sides to every story. It's obvious the way this story was covered by Tyler is careless and wrong b/c we've yet to hear Beedle's side. Now this woman's business may suffer b/c of ignorant people jumping to conclusions based only from what they've heard from ONE side. Seriously, most of the comments I've read are disgusting. What's worse is how this so called fired secretary has used her son's military status and unfortunate injuries to bring down Beedle's business. Shame on LEMOINE!

WHERE IS BEEDLE'S side of this story??????????? She doesn't have one, she HIDES from reporters!! Shame on YOU!! On her website is says "we support our military", and military "dads" call ..... AND THE NUMBER IS TOTALLY DIFFERENT FROM THE MAIN OFFICE NUMBER, AND THE NUMBER SEEN ON THE FRONT OF HER BUILDING IN THIS VIDEO. SO AGAIN, JDP .......... WHERE IS HER SIDE OF THE STORY???????? SHAME ON YOU JDP!!! SHAME ON YOU!!!

As a family member of a Marine serving his country I find this completely appalling. How dare this employer treat her this way when she was doing what any mother would do, she was caring for her CHILD. But she is not just any other mother, she is the mother of a United States Marine that was serving his COUNTRY in Afghanistan and almost lost his life for his COUNTRY. She should be ashamed. My god I hope she is not a mother and if she is may her child never join the military.

A Military Mom doing what comes naturally ... caring for her injured Marines. Ms. LeMoine took off less than 3 weeks to care for her Wounded Warrior. To then be fired from her job would make me wonder about the depth of character of Attorney Beedle. Would she abandon her clients in much the same way? I guess only her most unfortunate clients will be able to tell us that.

Proud Marine Mom to a Purple Heart Recipient

I am a Marine Mom and I would be at my marines side regardless of anything if the need be. I think what this lawyer did to this women is diplorable and anyone within need of a lawyer in her area should go else where . She is obviously Unamerican therefore she isnt worthy of anyones trust or business ! I credit this heroes Mom for standing by her son and I pray he is alright and has recovered from his injuries. I thank him for his service.

Through some investigation on my own, this woman was always a part-time employee. When she returned she was given her same job back. During her absence, Norma Beedle had hired another secretary. After about a week back at work she began asking Norma Beedle to cut the new employees hours. When Norma Beedle refused she became irate and threaten to sue Norma Beedle. She left the office without permission. Norma Beedle assumed that she had quit her job and changed the locks to her office.

You may want to check your resources.Claire replaced me when I left.She was the only person that was employed by Norma Beedle.She was in NO WAY a part-time employee after I left.I am sure all of the paycheck stubs will prove this.Also, by you stating that Norma Beedle hired another secretary during Claire's absence just proves that Norma Beedle REPLACED her while she was on leave taking care of her son.One can only assume the replacement was a result of Norma Beedle's plan to fire her.

What a crying shame!!!! I am sorry but Beedle does not have a side to this story. A temp could have filled in.This Mom should never have lost her job over this.SEMPER FI CLAIRE! GOD BLESS YOU ROBERT!

As a retired navy chief with four combat tours in vietnam, I deeply resent this mother's misuse of her son's combat injuries.He is a hero and her conduct demeans his heroism.This reminds me of the mother who picketed George Bush because her son died a hero.As a nationally known fathers rights attorney, (see,I recommend Ms Beedle's services to any father.This is all said despite the fact Ms.Beedle is my ex-wife.You wont find many ex husbands speaking good about an ex wife!

Evidently, it is someone else's conduct that demeans the heroism of all our military. Cindy Sheehan's son and every other son and hero wounded or lost in duty is demeaned by the act perpetrated and the subject of this newscast. Wow. I wasn't aware you were a nationally known attorney.

I would like to say that I was employed by Norma Beedle for 4 years.When I told her that I was pregnant she told me that I could not have maternity leave.Grant it, she ended up needing me to come back to work after I had the baby.However, I do not think that it was very "american" to treat anyone in that respect.The only reason I went back to work for her is because it was my first child and I kinda needed the money and was not in any position to start my career from scratch.

Oh, and Ron nice plug! I am sure your ex-wife will appreciate the fact that you came to defend her but at the same time promote yourself...

Thank You Tyler Gamble for this story. I am the mother of a Marine that was severely wounded in Afghanistan earlier this year. I saw many parents and spouses during my weeks at the hospital who had to face the decision of leaving their loved one - or losing their job (or flunking out of school). Your story helps shed light on an example of a horrible boss who hasn't figured out that being supportive of her employee for 2 weeks of emergency leave - reaps YEARS of loyal hard work in return.

This story has no legs.Statements in the above release were false.There was no attempt made by the media to get their facts straight.The secretary in question is under a restraining order for alleged extreme behavior and stalking of Norma Beedle.It is a disgrace that this woman would use her injured son's status to further what is simply a vendetta of a disgruntled employee.It is further a disgrace that the media would report such a slanderous story without investigating the facts first.

Specifically, Ron, which statements were false? And HOW would you know that? You were present? The secretary in question (what question) was served a TEMPORARY RESTRAINING ORDER with a court date on Dec. 13 in City Court. Your only correct comment is ALLEGED extreme behavior. And again, you were present? You know this firsthand? As an attorney, Ron, your comments, well, tread lightly. The media is not reporting a slanderous story and is that comment not in itself slanderous?

I have a hard time understanding how termination after a two-week employer-approved absence for family care -- with no statement by the employer at the time the absence was approved of potential termination -- is legally defensible regardless of the size of the business. While FMLA may not be required, I think this attorney may be standing on shaky ground. What a coward, as well, to terminate through a third party. I believe in karma. The attorney will reap what she shows, I am sure.

Great job covering this story, Tyler

Beedle should walk one day in the shoes of a Marine mom. This woman needs to clarify herself and pray to God for humility and understanding. As a Marine mom of TWO, she is a poor excuse for an american....someone who's freedom OUR sons and daughters are fighting to preserve!! Pathetic shallow, greedy....

this is horrible, I hope she loses her business. then has to go work for a firm and needs to take time off and gets fired for it - that would be Karma coming back to bite her in the ass!! if she can't stand behind our military and there families then PLEASE STAND IN FRONT OF OUR MARINES WHILE THEY ARE GETTING SHOT AT!!!

There can be no greater freedom than to serve the State, to know that every facet of every day is controlled by my beloved federal government.

I hope I live to see the day this country is ruled by a totalitarian dictatorship. All I hear about is freedom and liberty, blah blah blah. No one wants to talk about how important it is to serve the needs of the State.

My life partner AROCK and I agree this is a horrible thing, one that would not happen in an enlightened country like north korea. That may be the best country in the world.

I love facism so much, I can't wait until freedom is dead in this country.

"Beedle wasn't at her office when NBC33 tried to contact her."

....yeah, right.

It does sound very bad. We do need to hear Ms. Beedle's side of the story before forming an opinion, though.

The best thing every Loyal American can do is NOT do ANY business with Beedle. Let's face it, there are thousands of lawyers, so it ought to be pretty easy to find another one. This attorney will come to know through the wallet the consequences of being greedy, heartless and UN-American! I own a small business and have given my loyal employee months off to see to her husband when he was sick. It's hard, but it is the decent thing to do....

That's un-American.

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