Man Gets DUI on Motorized Recliner

POSTED: Monday, November 2, 2009 - 8:23am

UPDATED: Thursday, June 3, 2010 - 10:59pm

The famous furniture that made headlines across the globe is hitting the internet for auction by police. It's a La-Z-Boy', 61-year-old Dennis Anderson still wishes he had. "I've just had a ball with it I don't usually drink and drive on it," he said.

Authorities say Anderson decided to have a little too much fun with the chair last year. His friend was along for the ride when the chair crashed. "It did a wheelie and I flipped off the back in the middle of the street and he fell off and the chair went running into the parked car," said Tammy Verrill of Proctor.

Authorities say Anderson's blood-alcohol content was three times over the legal limit. He pleaded guilty to DUI in connection with the incident last week. The chair is going on eBay and authorities say they have already received a $500 offer.

"It makes me mad, because all they're trying to do is capitalize on the chair," said Anderson. Anderson's daughter says it's hard to say 'goodbye' to the La-Z-Boy. "It makes me sad, because my dad, he's put a lot of work into it," said Andrea Jorgenson. Authorities say this is no ordinary chair.

"It's totally decked out," said Chief Walter Wobig of the Proctor Police Department. "It's got the roll bar, magazine holder, speakers, the mirror, cup holder, radio, the nitrous oxide tank." Anderson says money raised from the online auction shouldn't go towards various police equipment as planned.

"It should go to the food bank or the proctor school system," Anderson said. But authorities say they have to be equitable to all those who break the law. "I've seized ATVs, snowmobiles, trailers, cars pickup trucks," said Wobig. Even though Anderson lost his motor chair, he says he's got a few words for police.

"I'm going to build a bigger and better one this time," he said. Anderson is planning his own eBay auction. He says he plans to put an autographed picture of himself online for bidding in the very near future.