Man Arrested for Duct Taping Cat

POSTED: Tuesday, September 29, 2009 - 8:17am

UPDATED: Thursday, June 3, 2010 - 11:57pm

An anonymous tip call led SPCA investigators to 19-year-old James Davis, the young man they say is responsible for duct taping a young female cat and leaving her for dead. Pennsylvania SPCA Officer Derrick Schlitter said, “It was shocking to see her try and move and breathe. It was disturbing.”

Schlitter rescued the gray tabby, now affectionately named Sticky, from a yard near Davis' home in North Philadelphia a week ago. She was wrapped in duct tape from head to paw. Investigators say Davis admitted to the crime, saying he did it after the stray cat walked into his backyard. “For whatever reason he didn’t want the animal in his yard, thought this was the way to go and duct taped the animal,” said Pennsylvania SPCA Director of Investigations George Bengal.

Investigators say Davis told police he left Sticky in his backyard, but then started to panic. So he put her in a bag and dumped her at a house a few doors away. “The animal had been laying for a few hours in pain, screaming, so he removed it and put it in the neighbor's yard,” Bengal said. That neighbor spotted the helpless animal and called the PSPCA. Sticky had to be sedated while vets carefully cut the tape from her fur. She's doing just fine now.
For Officer Schlitter who deals with thousands of animal cruelty cases a year, the arrest feels good. Schlitter said, “It's a good success story. Thankfully people called our hotline and we were out there as soon as possible.”