LSU on Top 20 List of Most Desired Schools

POSTED: Thursday, February 12, 2009 - 1:58pm

UPDATED: Thursday, June 3, 2010 - 10:57pm

Over the past few decades, LSU has been no stranger to the spotlight. From athletics to academics, the university has consistently made its supporters proud.

"Everyone is around LSU. Baton Rouge thrives on LSU,” said Nick Navaro.

"It’s a tradition over here, and everything that comes along with it,” said Jerry Ding.

Now the purple and gold faithful have something else to brag about. US News and World Report recently declared the home of the fighting tigers one of the nation's most popular schools.

"its the camaraderie of football the baseball the teams the parties everything combined into one,” said Brittany Armond.

"theres always something to do and someone to talk to .. always something going on,” said Megan Chauvin.

Harvard, BYU and the University of Nebraska are the top three. LSU was just one spot shy of cracking the top 15.

"I would definitely send my kids here," said Dr. Ed Raej.

Students say making the list is no surprise but coming in at number 16 isn’t good enough.

"We could be higher maybe…at least tenth,” said Bryan Mcintire.

"I think they should be ranked in the top ten cause they’re excellent," said Adedoyinsa Adetoba.

It’s biased though because everyone is going to say they’re own school is beautiful so they are going to say their school is the best.

The rankings were actually based on the percentage of applicants accepted by a university who actually end up enrolling in that institution in the fall.