Who's running Sorrento?

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POSTED: Tuesday, July 17, 2012 - 4:30pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, July 18, 2012 - 10:38am

"You just get disgusted by what they're doing, the immaturity that they're displaying," says Sorrento mayor Wilson Longanecker, Jr.

Sorrento mayor Wilson Longanecker, Jr. is outraged at the actions of  Sorrento's Council. He says they're unfairly trying to take his power as mayor away from him. He points to a letter he calls  a forced letter of resignation. It says "When a public officer as the mayor is no longer in a position to perform the duties and functions of his office, the officer who performs such duties during his absence, the mayor pro tempore performs duties of mayor during mayor's absence.

"I was highly surprised because i was doing everything in my power to be mayor under the current situation that i was under," says Longanecker, Jr.

Longanecker was unable to run the day-to-day opertions of Sorrento because of major foot surgery that makes it painful for him to even walk.

"They literally cut the tendon off from the calf muscle and from the bone at the bottom. This is an achilles tear on steroids," says Longanecker, Jr."

Randy Anny is the mayor pro tem. he says he's been doing Longanecker's job since February 6 and the letter was not a letter of resignation, it was just a necessary step to keep the operations of the town moving smoothly while Longanecker was recovering

"Nobody has forced the mayor out. We wish the mayor well. We wish him a fast recovery....The council and I are still moving forward, fixing maintenance problems, fixing sewer problems looking at economic development, looking at growth of the town," says Anny

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He can't make decisions because of his foot? You don't need your foot to make decisions; pick up a phone. People see him driving around, or at his place of business with a dolly loaded full of boxes...but he can't come sit in the Council room for an hour or so? Also, the whining, I'm-five-yrs-old-and-I'm-mad-cus-they-don't-like-me was done before, no one is going to respect a person that does that, especially a person in his official posistion.

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