Representatives set to spar over another controversial anti-abortion bill

Representatives set to spar over another controversial anti-abortion bill
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Tuesday, February 25, 2014 - 6:25pm

A newly proposed bill by Republican representative Frank Hoffman is looking to push anyone with a link to abortion providers from teaching in Louisiana classrooms.

Sarah Zagorski and others with pro-life groups around the state are all in favor of the latest bill. Zagorski herself explained that she was adopted after an unintended pregnancy and a failed abortion by her birth mother.

"The abortionists first words over my life were, 'you're going to be a mental vegetable, incapable of having a normal life.' so he defined my destiny in that moment even though he didn't hold it in his hands. So I think that's a really important message that we need to continue to tell women, that your baby has a destiny and a future," explained Zagorski, who works with Louisiana Right to Life.

That's why she and others are behind a newly proposed bill that would push anyone with any connection to abortion providers out of the classroom.

“He’s (Hoffman) looking to protect the young girls, the minor girls, that go to our grammar schools, our high schools, from the abortion industry by making sure they can't promote abortion either directly or indirectly," added Zagroski.

The bill states that any one who works at or is affiliated with an abortion clinic, like Planned Parenthood, can't teach any subject in the classroom.

"Planned Parenthood is committed to expanding access to information and health care. Young people need age appropriate and medically accurate information about physical development, healthy relationships and how to make responsible decisions. That is why we partner with parents and community groups to help them start and continue conversations with their children on these important issues. We hope that legislators would support parents and young people getting information that will help them make responsible and healthy decisions," stated a spokeswoman for Planned Parenthood.

That’s something Democratic Representative Pat Smith has supported and will continue to work toward with legislation. She said she has a big problem with just how broad the proposed bill is.

"It says in the bill 'any topic'. That means you can not talk to a classroom of children about anything because of where you work, and I think that's discriminatory and something that really shouldn't be done in this way," said Smith.

Smith is trying again this session to pass laws allowing some form of sex education in classrooms. The session starts on March 10.

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