Omitting unconstitutional laws from books could take some work

Omitting unconstitutional laws from books could take some work
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Tuesday, February 18, 2014 - 6:17pm

Lawmakers are looking to do a little housekeeping this session by taking dozens of old laws out of Louisiana law books.

"We are aware it is unconstitutional to charge different people under different circumstances, so whether it's in the books or not, we know what we have to do and not do. So it really doesn't affect us, but if you want to clean up the books, surely it should be off the books whether it's now or later," explained District Attorney Hillar Moore of those laws.

The issue of out-dated laws came to light last summer, when the sheriff's office arrested 12 men under unconstitutional 'crimes against nature' laws, laws that some have said are causing major problems for some.

"Leaving it on the books, only leads to the possibility that someone will try to use it in a way that's inappropriate, which we have seen happen recently," said Matt Patterson of Equality Louisiana.

Moore said he sees one tiny hiccup in the implementation of the law, the unconstitutional laws are dotted throughout the state’s law books and may take some time to find and fix.

"It's a lot of work, we've got to re-work statutes, just details people have to pay attention to, but I believe it's something that can be accomplished," said Moore.

The session starts March 10th and Representative Pat Smith has already authored the bill to get these laws off the books.

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