Louisianans look forward to 2016 elections

Louisianans look forward to 2016 elections
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POSTED: Friday, January 17, 2014 - 2:55pm

UPDATED: Friday, January 17, 2014 - 3:53pm

After several years with Bobby Jindal as the governor of Louisiana, people across the state are beginning to think about who they’d like to replace him in 2016.

Pollster Don Turner surveyed nearly 2,000 active voters in the state about their take on various political issues. Turner says the results are clear, and that voters are “looking for change that matters.”

An anonymous group of teachers commissioned the survey. Some local educators say teachers could possible have the biggest influence in state politics this year.

"Education drives our country," said James Stewart, the 7th district representative for the Louisiana Retired Teachers Association.

The survey also says more than half of voters are looking for new faces, and not career politicians.

"They're looking for someone with a proven record of accomplishments," said Turner. "Not political accomplishments, but in business and other endeavors."

In Alexandria, councilman-at-large and businessman Lee Rubin matches that description. Rubin ran for office for the first time against a 12-year incumbent, and won.

"If they've been successful in running a business that's what government is," Rubin said. "Government is a big business."

U.S. Congressman Vance McAllister's path to office was similar: elected as a businessman running against a long-time politician.

"They know how to keep their spending within budget," Rubin said of McAllister. "They know how to work with employees."

Only about 20 percent of those polled say things are "good" in Louisiana right now. Who do they blame for bad conditions? Survey says: Governor Bobby Jindal and the state government.

After that, 30 percent blame the federal government, and only six percent blame President Obama.

"They are convinced the problem lies in Baton Rouge," Turner said.

As for the question of who will be our next governor--the answer might surprise you. Don Turner says it would be a race between Senator David Vitter, Lieutenant Governor Jay Dardenne, and Angola State Prison Warden Burl Cain, even suggesting Warden Cain would come in second.

Cain said he’s, "Shocked, honored. I didn't even know people were thinking of me that much."

"Usually when we have an election in Louisiana, we change the names on the doors and the stationery, and then business goes on as usual," said Don Turner. "This time, I think the voters are going to mandate a change that matters."

Turner did also saythere's a 2-percent margin of error in his research.

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