Race for EBR Mayor becomes official today

Race for EBR Mayor becomes official today
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POSTED: Wednesday, August 15, 2012 - 3:00pm

UPDATED: Thursday, August 16, 2012 - 1:28pm

The race for the Mayor’s office became official today and three candidates filed their qualification papers in Baton Rouge.

Mayor Pro-Tem Mike Walker made it official after he filed his papers to run for EBR Mayor-President.

The republican is looking to unseat incumbent Mayor-President Kip Holden.

Walker is running on a platform of bringing more jobs to the parish and also improving the struggling school system. His main focus though is fixing what he sees at the parish's growing crime problem.

"I have a passion for my grandchildren,” Walker said. “I don't ever want them to come to me and say pop why didn't you take care of this when you had the opportunity? Why did you leave it for us? And for them to secure their future or for me to ensure them a good future, we've got to do something about this crime. There have been 73 murders already this year. That's two per week. That has to stop and what we're doing isn't working, so we need to make a change."

Just a few minutes later mayor-president Kip Holden filled out all of the necessary forms to run for reelection.

The democrat promised to run an aggressive campaign to hold onto his position. He's seeking his third term as the head-man in EBR.

Holden points to more companies coming to the parish and better roads as two of his biggest accomplishments as Mayor-President. He sees only more progress if he wins another term in office.

"You'll again see that this is not a tea party town,” Holden said. “This is not a democratic town. It's not a republican town. It's a town of people that want to see changes and we think we're well on the way to not only providing those changes, but many of those changes they can see right now."

The third candidate, Gordon Mese, has no party affiliation.

Voters will get to cast their ballot on who they want as their next mayor-president on November 6, 2012.

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