Lawmakers take a closer look at tax reform plan

Lawmakers take a closer look at tax reform plan
Louisiana Politics
Tuesday, March 19, 2013 - 8:00pm

It's the bill Louisiana legislators have been waiting to see, the governor's proposed tax plan, all 95 pages of it.

"We’ve learned from what other states have attempted. What’s been helpful, what's been cumbersome, what's been easier to administer," explained Revenue Secretary Tim Barfield to the House Ways and Means Committee.

Tuesday, representatives from the Ways and Means Committee fired off questions to Barfield and his colleagues about the close to 200 exemptions the revenue team wants to get rid of.

"I was just amazed to see all of the things that are listed under there, from tattooing, tanning shops. I mean all of these businesses that are not accustomed to having to pay the sales tax, which is going to be very interesting," Democratic Representative Regina Barrow said.

Governor Jindal's team claims the tax reform plan will help create a better environment for commerce.

"Any tax system has its burdens don't get me wrong, but what's going to be simple and predictable for businesses to make decisions? And what are the primary cost drivers for businesses," Barfield queried to the committee.

While other lawmakers are still concerned the plan will hurt those who make the least.

"When you look at all the services that were not initially covered or were not initially taxed and then all of a sudden they're going to be taxed and those taxes are going to be passed on to the consumer, which takes more of their disposable income. That really does create a problem for many, many families," Barrow said.

Lawmakers will be going through the plan line by line in the coming weeks, the session will start on April 8th.

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