LAE worried about education changes

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012 - 11:14pm

Governor Bobby Jindal met with state lawmakers Wednesday. His promise of reforming the state's schools is welcome news to some, and a cause for alarm to others.

"Whatever you care about, lowering incarceration rates, lowering poverty rates, improving economic development, it all comes back to education," Jindal said.

Sticking to his talking points,Jindal promised big changes on the way for public education in the state.

Based on a previous meeting with the governor, the Louisiana Association of Educators is suspicious of the plans.

"Can make a good teacher look bad, and a bad teacher look good," said LAE President Joyce Haynes.

The Union worries that Jindal will move forward against their wishes, using a new state law that relies heavily on standardized tests to judge teacher performance.

"As I talked to the Governor about those concerns, he felt he had to move forward," Haynes said.

Moving forward will be easier than ever for the Governor, with several allies on the BESE board and a Republican majority in both chambers of state government.

The LAE said all students don't learn the at the same pace, and it's unfair to judge teachers with what they call a flawed system.

"When hit with probably pink slips and 'needs professional development' over variables they can't change," Haynes said. "It's going to get ugly."

Jindal said he will release specifics on his education plan before the end of this month.

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