Jindal speaks on Christie, immigration, marijuana

Jindal speaks on Christie, immigration, marijuana
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POSTED: Sunday, February 2, 2014 - 8:40pm

UPDATED: Sunday, February 2, 2014 - 9:03pm

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal expressed his opinion on a few key issues on Sunday, including Chris Christie, immigration, and marijuana.

Jindal showed  support for his New Jersey counterpart Chris Christie, telling CNN the New Jersey governor should keep his position as chairman of the Republican Governors Association.

"Yes, I don't think he should step down," Jindal told CNN's Candy Crowley on Sunday morning. "I think he should stay there."

In an interview on "State of the Union," Jindal, a former head of the key Republican group, gave a vote of confidence to Christie while stressing that the RGA "is not about one governor."

"No one governor is more important than another," he said. "What really matters is the RGA is a place where our governors come together."

Since Christie took over from Jindal as head of the important Republican financing and policy hub, the New Jerseyan has become enmeshed in a scandal. Christie's aides ordered the closure of lanes leading to the George Washington Bridge -- the busiest river crossing in the country -- in Fort Lee, apparently to punish that town's mayor for declining to endorse Christie during his re-election bid. 

Jindal is also pushing his fellow Republicans in Congress to pass immigration reform.

House Republicans suggested last week that they are open to some kind of legal status for undocumented immigrants, but stopped short of backing full citizenship.

Jindal gave his take on the debate over immigration reform during an interview on CNN Sunday morning.

“When it comes to immigration, we have a completely backwards system today,” said Jindal. “I believe we need a system of high walls and a broad gate. Right now we have the opposite, low walls and a narrow gate. What I mean by that is we make it very difficult for people to come here legally. We make it very easy for people to come here illegally. As the son of immigrants, certainly a lot of people think we should let more people come in to our country because it is compassionate for them, it certainly is, but I also believe we should let more come into our country legally because it is good for us."

Jindal did not say whether he supports House Republicans' approach to immigration reform.

Democrats have been pushing for a reform bill that includes a path to citizenship for undocumented workers.

But in a recent interview, president Obama refused to say whether he would veto a bill that only grants undocumented workers with legal status but not citizenship.

The Louisiana governor said he does agree with President Obama on the issue of certain drug laws.

“I agree with the president: we don't need to be locking up people who aren't dealers, those who aren't committing crimes, other violent crimes. I don't believe that's the best use of our dollars, and we can rehabilitate folks. But there are other issues that are more important when it comes to growing our economy,” Jindal said.

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