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Gonzales Police Chief publicly expresses strong opinions about 3 councilmen; gains community support

Gonzales Police Chief publicly expresses strong opinions about 3 councilmen; gains community support
Photo provided by the City of Gonzales.
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POSTED: Wednesday, September 4, 2013 - 9:52am

UPDATED: Wednesday, September 4, 2013 - 2:13pm

A letter to the editor has caused a stir in the City of Gonzales. It was composed by the Chief of Police and it detailed his issues with three current councilmen.

The public support for Jackson’s letter has been immense, with many congratulating him on what they feel was a “bold move to come forward” and put his name to the letter.

“I don’t feel I did anything spectacular,” Jackson said when asked about the reaction to his letter. “There comes a point where you sit in these meetings and see what’s going on and you know it’s just not right. The time came for me to make my feelings known. I’m sick of seeing these men take the easy way out and say they don’t have enough information to make informed decisions. That’s just not true. We are provided with information that is clear and allows us to make positive choices. They are just choosing not to.”

“Councilmen Irvin, Lacombe and Vessel picked apart this city’s budget at the last minute,” said Jackson. “We had two budget hearings, when none of them discussed any concerns. In fact, one of them (Lacombe) left during both meetings as he had something else to do. I mean, what’s more important that hashing out our budget?

"They waited until the last minute to make changes, then acted like they never knew certain things were in the budget. All they had to do was read it. The rest of us did. Oh, and to talk about getting rid of a public, special needs park, then insist that seven new tractors be bought - that’s just ridiculous.

"Then there’s been the Emerson fisasco. It’s understandable that there were major concerns initially with the location. I get that. Howewever, Emerson chose to pick another location within the city limits, and the three stood together and questioned that yet again. We could have lost Emerson, as it was clear in each meeting that the company felt frustrated and put out by those three councilmen.

"Now there’s all this talk about doing away with the EMS billing and getting involved with Acadian Ambulance. If these three were to look at numbers, they’d see the response times are amazing through our city EMS. Some things shouldn’t be about saving money, they should be about saving lives.”

Jackson is currently in his second term as Gonzales Chief of Police.

Click here to read more from Chief Jackson, as well as the original letter that was submitted to our news partner, The Creole Online.

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