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Former Louisiana governors meet to discuss the state of Louisiana

Former Louisiana governors meet to discuss the state of Louisiana
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POSTED: Wednesday, December 12, 2012 - 6:15pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, December 12, 2012 - 6:19pm

Four former Louisiana governors came together this afternoon for a candid discussion about the state of the State.

The four former mayors in attendance were Edwin Edwards, Buddy Roemer, Mike Foster and Kathleen Blanco.

The group spoke about the importance of having a dual party system in the legislature, and just how closely the governor should be working with his or her representatives.

The four also had a lively discussion about transparency in the Governor's Office and the drawbacks of 'playing it close to the vest.'

"Government works best when all cards are on the table - when all thoughts are on the table,” stated Blanco. “I don't think any governor or president or anyone in office should hide something from the people."

"I am very passionate about what I believe, and I believe legislature should be more independent,” sad Roemer. “I think records are a matter of public interest and should be open."

When asked what some of the big issues will be for the next governor to take office, Blanco said without a doubt, education and funding education.

This is the first time the four have come together in a public setting to share their thoughts on the state of Louisiana.

Both Blanco and Roemer say they're hoping to have the opportunity to do so again.

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