Election 2011 blog

Election 2011 blog
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POSTED: Saturday, October 22, 2011 - 6:47pm

UPDATED: Monday, November 21, 2011 - 5:20pm

Hey guys, this is Caitlin Campbell, special election correspondent for NBC33. I will be updating you all night on the election.

We have reporters out all around the state and they are constantly reporting back to the station with updates.

NBC reporter Jennifer Crockett is inside the Jay Dardenne campaign headquarter's right now and has sent the following information. A spokesperson for the campaign says they are confident with polls that are indicating a double digit lead for Dardenne as of last night. Jay will be arriving to the headquarter's as soon as the polls close at 8:00 p.m.

We also have NBC33 reporter Andrew Capasso at the Billy Nungesser campaign in New Orleans. He will be keeping us posted on what is going on there.

Stay with NBC33 tonight for the latest election results in the LT Governor's race along with the rest of the state and local election.

UPDATE: NBC33 reporter Kelsey Scram is in Livingston Parish at the Jason Ard headquarter's where the Sheriff candidate arrived minutes ago. "Spirit's are high, there are a lot of people here to show their support."

NBC33 Anchor Neeha Curtis is at the Renaissance Hotel in Baton Rouge where Governor Bobby Jindal is waiting in a suite with his family for the results. Governor Jindal is hoping to get re-elected to his second term as Governor of Louisiana. Neeha has sent the following picture, showing the Jindal party at the Renaissance.

NBC33 reporter Brix Fowler is at the Tom Schedler Camp, "People are starting to show up. I just spoke with Schedler who is confident that he will come out victorious." Current Secretary of State, Tom Schedler became Secretary of State on Monday, November 22, 2010 when then-Secretary of State Jay Dardenne was sworn in as Lieutenant Governor.

UPDATE: NBC33 reporter Andrew Capasso at the Nungessor headquarter's with an update, "Things are picking up. The band is playing, you can feel the energy and supporters are walking in. There is definitely an upbeat, positive attitude."

Check out this picture sent in by NBC33 anchor Neeha Curtis from the Jindal headquarter's! Jindal is moment's away from taking the stage.

LSU head coach Les Miles is on stage with Bobby Jindal!

NBC33 reporter Brix Fowler reporting that the crowd at the Schedler Camp is very lively. A yell went out when the first set of numbers came in showing that Schedler was in the lead.

UPDATE: Our Andrew Capasso just spoke with someone on the Nungessor campaign. He says that he's a "nervous wreck but optimistic." Numbers are down for Nungessor, but the crowd is still very optimistic and energized.

NBC33 reporter Kelsey Scram is telling us that Jason Ard is out making the rounds. The Sheriff hopeful is still waiting on a formal announcement but it's looking good. 19 out of 79 precincts are reported.

UPDATE: Tune in to NBC33 now for an election update!

UPDATE: Bobby Jindal has been declared governor. Jay Dardenne has been declared LT Governor. Mike Strain has been declared as Commissioner of Agriculture. Jim Donelon has been declared Commissioner of Insurance.

This election has been hard to cover considering the Secretary of States website crashed mid results. People are wanting answers considering this is the main website that results are gathered from. NBC33 is trying to contact Tom Schedler's office to see what the problem was.

We are waiting to hear on Secretary of State. It's a close race and anybody's to win.

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