Driving while Facebooking could soon be illegal

Driving while Facebooking could soon be illegal
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POSTED: Tuesday, April 2, 2013 - 6:22pm

UPDATED: Friday, May 17, 2013 - 11:01am

Most drivers will guiltily admit they’ve done it before, used Facebook, Twitter or any number of other social media sites while driving.

“Yeah, but only at red lights and when I am stopped, but never driving," admitted Brittney Dupre.

"It’s when it buzzes at you and blinks, you want to know what it is, but I try not to," added Elizabeth Jones.

But a new law set to make its way through the legislative process this session would ban things like posting to Facebook and Twitter while you're driving. Something the bills author, Senator Dale Erdey said, has become necessary.

"They've (drivers) actually used the excuse, if you will, that they're on Facebook or Twitter or other social networking sites to avoid getting a ticket for texting," Erdey explained.

The law as it’s written right now bans texting and driving. The proposed amendment to the law keeps those bans in place, and makes it illegal to do almost anything distracting on your cell while driving.

"When they look at the statistics I think the legislature will say 'yes' it's a good bill. Because as I mentioned it's more dangerous to do social networking sites than texting while driving," continued Erdey.

While Senator Erdey said he's got the votes at the statehouse, drivers told us the law’s got their vote, too.

"It's the same as texting. You’re still looking down, looking at your phone. Not paying attention to the roads, so I think all those things should be included," Jones said.

The legislative session starts this Monday, already there have been 900 bills filed for lawmakers to consider.

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