Disgraced mayor denied vacation pay

Disgraced mayor denied vacation pay
Louisiana Politics
Wednesday, September 14, 2011 - 8:40pm

Former Port Allen mayor Derek Lewis is upset after finding out the city council denied his request for almost $20,000 worth of vacation pay he said the city still owes him.

"I would really like to know why they're saying no," Lewis said.

Lewis said he took one vacation in over six years of office, but apparently an audio recording of the former mayor's voice from a council meeting in 2010 talking about how he took some time off, is the only documentation of any vacation ever taken.

During Wednesday's meeting, Councilwoman Ray Helen Lawrence says the city's poor record keeping of mayoral vacation may be in violation of the law.

"Possibilities are, we are in violation, as we stand of payroll fraud," Councilwoman Lawrence said.

Lewis resigned as mayor back in June, after pleading guilty to federal charges of accepting bribes totaling almost $20,000 while in office.

Even after pleading guilty, some in Port Allen feel he should get his vacation pay.
"I know he did a good job while he was in there," said Port Allen resident, Caster Brown.

Others disagree, and question how you can pay someone, when you don't know how many hours they're entitled to.

"Somebody legally is going to have to find out just what he's worked, how many hours," said Roger Payne, of Port Allen. "If no documentation, nobody knows."

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