Common Core protesters argue educational standards

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POSTED: Friday, February 21, 2014 - 9:45am

UPDATED: Friday, February 21, 2014 - 10:12am

"if common core lives, freedom dies," said attendee Ralph Roshto.
That was the thought of hundreds of opponents at an anti-common core rally Thursday in Baton Rouge.
"It's not raising our standards, it's lowering our standards," said mother Kathy Sirois.

A board argued claims that the educational standards aren't state led, didn't initially use the advice of teaching professionals, and that they're putting it on schools too fast.
"It's a false argument to say that our standards are causing our poor scores," said concerned citizen and physician, Anna Arthurs.  "There's no correlation between a state's standards and how they score on this assessment test."

Two of the forum's panelists were actually on the committee for Common Core, but refused to sign off on it. Now, some parents are co-signing with them.  "One of the problems that we're seeing with the younger children is
that the standards are more rigorous in the early grades because everything is being pushed down," said Sirois.
"We hear of children that are coming home crying, saying 'I'm stupid.' I have a friend whose child said 'Mom, maybe I need to be held back,'" said Arthurs.

But there are parents on the other side of the argument too.  Eric Lewis with the Black Alliance for educational options said, "Having three kids that are in school now, we've kind of seen the demand on them, so it's increased the challenge that they're having in school but that's a great thing, because I believe we should set high expectations."

But some still say Common Core is just asking too much.  "Now yes, they might be able to perform it as a trained monkey could perform, but does that mean they really understand it? No," said Arthurs.  
Lewis added, "In the end, i think it's critical because you have to compete not only amongst each other for opportunities as they get older, but against kids around the globe."

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