BREC employess fear programs may be cut

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POSTED: Friday, June 29, 2012 - 5:15pm

UPDATED: Saturday, June 30, 2012 - 3:02pm

Fred Allen work for BREC. The parks commission decided on Thursday not to approve a tax that would have added $1.5 million to BREC's $50 million budget. Now, he's afraid this could spell the end for some important services people rely on.

"I'm guessing on my own, but some of these services are gonna have to increase the fee or they'll jut eliminate programs they have now," says Allen.

These are programs that take place at parks and athletic fields all across the parish. Bob Breaux wors fork the East Baton Rouge Parish Chamber of Commerce. He believes that just like businesses and people on fixed incomes BREC needs to learn to live within its means.

"Everyone, small businesses alike have to tighten their belts at times and live within a budget. We've got to get out of this mentality that every time we have an opportunity we roll taxes forward," says Breaux.

Ted Jack is an assistant superintendent for BREC. He says they're already doing that..

"We've been trimming fat for a good long time, so we've gotten down to where we're lean and mean. We'll continue to try and get leaner and meaner...You know the low hanging fruit things, we've already plucked those, but we'll be reaching for it a little harder," says Jack.

Allen hopes that extra tug doesn't mean youngsters won't have a place to go when they're not in school.

"Most of BREC if you think of BREC is most people think of children, of kids. I'd hate to see some programs eliminated that would have involved children, especially like the summer programs and camps," says Allen.

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