Abortion ban passes out of House Health and Welfare Committee

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POSTED: Tuesday, May 24, 2011 - 5:18pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, March 6, 2013 - 2:36pm

A bill that puts a ban on all abortions in the state of Louisiana passed 10 to 2 in the House Health and Welfare Committee Tuesday. The bill, proposed by Representative John LaBruzzo, would give an unborn child the right to life from the time of its fertilization.

Any person performing an abortion would be subjected to criminal penalties, even in the case of rape or incest. According to federal law, Medicaid normally covers abortions in cases of rape or incest. This particular legislation would not allow it.

LaBruzzo suggested that he wants his legislation to help overtune the United States Supreme Court's decision in Roe v. Wade. That case legalized abortions in the first trimester of a pregnancy.

Opponents of the bill says it takes away a woman's right to choice. Department of Health and Hospital attorney, Steve Russo, said passing this law could mean losing up to $5 billion in federal health care funding for Medicaid.

Learn more about the bill at http://www.legis.state.la.us/billdata/streamdocument.asp?did=742390

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For all who are prochoice out there, how can you know that abortion is not destroying a human life? Aren't you afraid that you may be wrong, and millions upon millions of innocent lives are being killed? How can you be so sure that life doesn't start until the moment the baby comes out of the womb -- and let me say, abortion can be performed right up to the moment of birth. Is there anything substantially different in a baby right before birth and in a baby right after birth? What about all those premature babies that have been born and families and doctors struggle to keep alive -- they are at the age when they can be aborted. Do you truly think that it would not be wrong to kill them? There is something terrible amiss in your conscience if abortion does not disturb you in some way -- please think about it

this country & states like LA are so broke, & so desperate to cut costs....this is a perfect example of their desperation....very sad & I cant wait to see this FAIL

Lord Jesus Christ still loves and saves from sins. I just have to say amen that God stopped this from being legal in Liousianna. Im praying for the rest of the world to realize what they are honestly doing and to stop lying with making excuses to kill their own babies.

i hope they leave them all on your front steps to raise...im sure you'd love a boost to your welfare payments


Whether the unborn have the right to live or be allowed to be killed has absolutely nothing to do with what I or you do about it. Your argument is unrelated to the issue

God did not stop anything. A small group of right wing religious fundamentalists managed to influence our VERY CORRUPTIBLE representatives who chose to put their own agendas above the jobs that WE THE PEOPLE pay them to do. Right wing religious fundamentalists have NO PLACE in our state government, or have you chosen to ignore the Constitution & Bill of Rights that guarantee separation of church & state? Perhaps you have also chosen to ignore Our Lords promise of FREE WILL. How is it that you have become SO arrogant as to think you have the right to impose your personal beliefs and "hating for Jesus" attitude on the world? Take care of your own house before forcing the white glove on your neighbors.

Free Will does not give us a right to murder! That logic is crazy! If that were the case then it would be ok for anybody to murder anybody simply because the willed it... I don't think murder was what the Lord was talking about when he said take the beam out of your own eye first... ok... so I see the next door neighbor strangling his wife... am I just to ignore it and patch up my own relationship with my wife before I try to do anything to stop the crazed killer next door? same thing...


"Religious fundamentalists" are not the only ones against abortion -- the pro-life movement is actually a position that anyone can take, religious or skeptic, and it is gaining ground in this country. If the unborn are human beings, then killing them would be murder. Murder is wrong, no matter what your religious beliefs are. It is all right for us to "impose" our "personal" beliefs against murder on murderers -- surely murderers must think that we are quite self-righteous to impose our beliefs on them! But every single civilized society has imposed its beliefs against murder on murderers, so if abortion is the taking of human life and thus murder, I see no logical or moral inconsistency in banning abortion.

amen thank God they passed a law to stop women and men from killing their own babies.

I have a 3,yr old little girl i can't imagine not having herit breaks my heart to hear of the innocent that's is murdered each year I also feel,so for the women who chose the path of abortion they have to deal with it every day for the rest of there lives of the lost of what could have been having the sweetest little life in there hands man the thought of what could have been.by the way god still loves you if you have chosen abortion he is not a god of hate we r to love and not judge

I'm SO pleased that you have informed me that I am loved by God. By the way who the hell made you spokesperson for the Lord? Oops, almost forgot, it was your own ARROGANCE that made you THINK you have a snowballs chance in hell of even having the slightest clue as to the mind of God. Try running your own life before you start passing out useless advice to others.

Why are the American tax payers having to foot the bill for something that does not concern me? If someone has sex then there is a good chance they will get pregnant so if you don't want to get pregnant don't have sex. Plus so you really think those stats are correct when these so called "moms" said they were using birth control??? Really folks?
I also know of 2 women that were conceived from a rape and they are wonderful moms with kidos of their own.
If women go to some illegal back street abortionist then that is HER choice. If she wants to keep having sex since she knows the govt is going to pay for her abortions she might just think twice about it now. If she wants to have sex then she better have money in savings to pay for killing her child.
I sure wish people that are for a abortions would watch one.....I challenge ALL of YOU to watch one. I am sure you can find one , just google it. Come on, chicken poops watch one!! But the funny thing is you wont. WHY NOT?????? Because you KNOW you would change your mind if you saw what really happens.
I can only pray that other states will follow. I know everyone loves babies and if you dont then you are messed up....there will be so many babies around now in Louisiana!!!

So there's really no difference between Taliban who dictate what women will and won't do, and Louisiana allegedly "Christian" Teapublicon legislators, who want to do the same. Same thing, religious extremists dictating the rights and activities of others.


Hey, saying that murder is wrong is not "telling women what to do." If an unborn baby is a human being, then that human being deserves the right to life, and anyone taking away his right is a murderer. We take away the "rights" of murderers all the time -- every civilization does it. Even so-called atheist civilizations like the Soviet Union knew that murder was wrong. So this is not really a religious issue, though you would love to make it one. If the unborn are persons -- and there is excellent scientific evidence for that -- then that should settle all questions as to whether they should live. No one has the right to kill an innocent person, whether the killer is a woman or a man. I speak this as a woman, so don't tell me that I'm "telling women what to do" -- I'm just trying to awaken each of your moral consciences! What is happening with abortion is one of the worst things happening in this country -- akin to what the Spartans did with their "inferior" babies -- they left them in the wilderness to die from the elements, because they only wanted babies who could survive to the fittest. Are we the same thing as a barbaric civilization? It's time we awoke to what is right -- saving the rights of our most vulnerable, the unborn.

i just think its absolutely ridiculous that anyone who agrees there needs to be more unwanted children in the world (or more children in the world period. this planet is way too overpopulated). you will see, that neglect and child abuse will be a more common story. possibly even suicide and homicide increases as well. this is going to be a bad domino effect. you will see more babies addicted to drugs. and guess what? everyone that was worried about the money it costs for abortions? now you have to spend your money for another 18 years on kids more likely to have problems. good for louisianna, idiots.


To solve the unwanted children problem, we should not murder children! We should try to want them more! Just because the planet may be overpopulated (and actually there is much more space than some think) does not mean that we should start killing off some of its inhabitants to make more room. Abortion IS child abuse -- abuse of the most youngest and frailest child -- so using abortion to prevent child abuse is using child abuse to stop child abuse! And just because children and teenagers cause problems or have problems does not mean we should kill them off in order to stop the problem. Killing the innocent is never the solution to a problem. We should not throw away our responsibilities.

So, instead of TEACHING your children how to avoid teen pregnancy you would rather they remained ignorant baby factories? It's pretty clear where the ignorance comes from. And then of course you have NO PROBLEM with the first degree murders of doctors who perform abortions, and fail to see your hypocritical reasoning. What do you think Jesus would do. You remember Jesus, right? He was a holy man who managed to live his life without taking 1 human life, and strove to teach his followers the same. Perhaps you need a little further bible study before you spout your mouth off about things you are not qualified to speak about.

i just think its absolutely ridiculous that anyone who agrees there needs to be more unwanted children in the world (or more children in the world period. this planet is way too overpopulated). you will see, that neglect and child abuse will be a more common story. possibly even suicide and homicide increases as well. this is going to be a bad domino effect. you will see more babies addicted to drugs. and guess what? everyone that was worried about the money it costs for abortions? now you have to spend your money for another 18 years on kids more likely to have problems. good for louisianna, idiots.

I'm so happy that our government has finally realized that it has the authority to fulfill God's will. We should all be thankful to be Americans, because we are blessed with a representative government. Representatives of the mighty, all-powerful God! Who watches over us and controls every part of every human life. That's why women get raped, you know. Because they bring it on themselves and should have to bear the consequences of their sinful actions, as brought upon them by God himself. And incest is perfectly fine. It's in the Bible, isn't it? And that makes it automatically and irrefutably right until the end of days. But even when Judgement comes, we won't have to worry about God making decisions on the souls of Americans, because our blessed, most holy government will have already judged and punished each of us appropriately. We should all just shut up and vote Republican.

Unfortunately for you, we have a rule in our bill of rights that prevents morons like yourself from making the rules for everybody. You are obviously VERY disturbed, and I hope someone has the common sense to have you committed to a facility where you will not be allowed to harm anyone other than yourself

GOD isn't real. Abortion is the case of rape or incest should be encouraged. If a woman gets raped and becomes pregnant she should absolutely have the choice to end that pregnancy. That baby is going to be resented it's entire life. Anyone who disputes that is a moron.

I was raped and gave birth and gave that baby up for adoption. A wonderful couple adopted him and he is now a wonderful human being, husband and father and he is grateful to me that I didn't abort him. Babies conceived in rape or incest are innocent. They don't deserve the death penalty.

Hi Swampdonk3y,

I'm a teenage woman, and I totally disagree with you that a raped woman should abort her baby, or even have the choice. If a man rapes me, should I then be given the right to murder my baby? The baby didn't rape me! The punishment is going to the wrong person -- if anyone should be getting killed, the rapist surely deserves it more than the innocent baby! It is not just a pregnancy that is ending, it is a baby's life -- a human being's life. For every abortion, each baby is already fully formed with a brain, heart, and lungs, and tiny hands and feet. If that ain't human life, then what is? The baby even has unique DNA different from the mother's DNA. And a baby born from a rape will not be resented his entire life -- I read of an account in which the grown up person from the rape was glad to be alive and happy not to be aborted. And even if a person will be resented his whole life, does that mean he should never have lived? When were we given the right to choose who should live based on what we think that person's happiness will be? We are not God -- and no, God is very real, unlike what you said. This is going off topic, but there is much scientific and historical and logical evidence for God -- the complexity of DNA helped convinced world-famous atheist Antony Flew that God exists. Science is becoming more pro-God with many of the discoveries happening. And since He exists, He will remember the oppression of the vulnerable, especially those unborn who couldn't speak up for themselves. I hope you reconsider the evidence for both God and the rights of the unborn, instead of labelling the other side with names. That is not very logical, nor convincing.

You are also very disturbed. If you can answer one question for me I will be happy to forget that morons like yourself actually exist. Please PROVE to me that God exists. This should keep you busy for the next 20-30 years and hopefully you will not have the time to continue bringing children into this world that you are totally incapable of raising in a proper Christian manner. Do all the rest of us God loving folks a favor and go crawl under a rock where you belong you sick freak.

Hello GetALife,

I'm not sure if you're referring to me or another person here, but I'd like to answer you anyway. You ask that someone prove to you that God exists, which confuses me because you also say that you are God-loving. So I'm not sure what you're trying to say, but anyway, on to the answer . . .

First, do you want absolutely certain proof, like that from a mathematical proof? I can't prove God that way, but nor could you or I absolutely prove many other things, such as the existence of Abraham Lincoln, the atom, or what location you where in yesterday. In those three examples, I have no hearing, seeing, smelling, or tasting sensations that I can use as proof, but I have many other methods. The same is with God.

1. Science points to Him, specifically in how the universe originated. If the universe began in the Big Bang (and scientists of all stripes and beliefs hold to that position), then that means the universe had a beginning. Now, everything that has a beginning must have a cause, for without a cause, nothing can begin to exist. A house is begun by homebuilders, an oak is begun by the acorn from another oak, a car crash is begun by an unobservant move, etc. In all our experience, cause leads to effect. Since the universe began to exist at one point, that means that something caused it to exist. That something must be God, because to create all the matter and energy of the universe would require nothing less than an all-powerful Creator. This argument alone requires that God exists, or the everyday, everywhere laws of cause and effect would not make sense.

2. Science again points to God in the fantastic information contained in DNA. Even world-renown former atheist Antony Flew admitted that the existence of DNA was a key factor in leading him to acknowledge God's existence. DNA is the microscopic "instruction manual" contained in every living cell -- including each in your body -- and a single cell's DNA contains the equivalent amount of information of 4,000 books (In the Beginning by Walt Brown). Not only is this unfathomably complex, but it involves vast stores of information. Where did this information come from? Dr. Werner Gitt, professor and director at the German Federal Institute of Physics and Technology, says, "There is no known natural law through which matter can give rise to information." In every instance of our experience, information only comes from intelligent minds -- books come from authors, computer programs come from programmers, TV dialogue comes from screen writers, and grocery lists come from anyone -- so long as it's a conscious mind. The more complex this information is, the more intelligent the thought that created it. So the stunning complexity of DNA information, by itself, requires that life was created not only by an all-powerful Being, but by an All-Intelligent Mind -- God.

3. History points to God, specifically in the prophesied life of Jesus Christ. Jesus of Nazareth claimed to have come to earth as God in human form. Hundreds and even thousands of years before Jesus' birth, the Jewish Scriptures predicted that a Messiah -- a Savior -- would come who would be born in Bethlehem (Micah 5:2), save His people from their evil deeds by His suffering (Isaiah 53), and come as the Messiah to His people Israel 483 years (69 sabbaths) after a decree to rebuild Jerusalem (Daniel 9:24-27). The decree of this last prophecy was given by a Persian king, and counting 483 years forward from that date lands you in the first century A.D. when Jesus lived. Thus, this prophecy could only be fulfilled in Jesus Christ. There are hundreds more prophecies -- and bringing all these prophecies together, the laws of probability would require that there are just too many "coincidences" for all this to happen without intelligent purpose. By itself, already-fulfilled Biblical prophecy requires that a God exists who is not only all-powerful and all-intelligent, but also all-knowing of past, present, and future.

4. History again points to God in the life, crucifixion, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The historical and legal evidence back up His amazing claim, as investigated by journalist and former atheist Lee Strobel in The Case for Christ and the former skeptic Josh McDowell, who set out to disprove Christianity to his friends but ended up becoming a believer because of the sheer weight of the evidence. The empty tomb of Jesus and His followers' claims of seeing Him alive after His death pose terrible problems to skeptics. Why would the tomb be empty? Even Jesus' enemies, the religious authorities and the Romans who executed Him, admitted that the tomb was empty, since they claimed that His followers stole His body to make it appear that He came to life. But His disciples, as recorded in the New Testament, were very fearful and not expecting His resurrection at all. Yet once they saw Christ, they were transformed into fearless preachers -- even proclaiming to their deaths as martyrs that He had risen and conquered death. If they knew they were lying, why would they die for it? Every other religious martyr in history could not really know for sure what they were dying for, because they had never seen the proof of their faith with their own eyes. But the disciples saw Christ with their own eyes -- they knew for sure if their faith was true. Even the terrorist Apostle Paul -- terrorist because he persecuted early Christians -- became a fervent Christian missionary after seeing Christ alive afterwards, and Paul died for his faith. If these appearances of Jesus are claimed to be hallucinations, then how could Paul, an enemy of Christ, have a hallucination? Hallucinations can only occur in the mind that expects them, and Paul (as well as the disciples) was certainly not expecting to see a risen Christ. Thus, the compelling evidence for Jesus Christ's resurrection, by itself, requires that God not only be all-powerful, all-intelligent, and all-knowing, but also all-loving and all-holy, because God Himself came down as man to pay the price of justice for our bad deeds.

He not only created the universe and predicts the future, but He suffered for man, His creation. That is love. And God is love.

These 4 evidences are more than adequate to show that God exists. Each, by itself, is enough to prove God's existence beyond a reasonable doubt, and yet to have four of these evidences is absolutely astounding. And these 4 are just a few of the evidences for God -- there is more that I haven't even discussed! I wish I could go in more detail about each 4 and each of the others, because the more you look into them, the clearer that it becomes that God just has to exist in order to make sense of it all. The evidence is too great to refute -- even if you give some objections to God's existence, you still have to be able to explain these 4 evidences, as well as others. I've asked atheists to explain some of these evidences, and they could not answer me very well -- they mostly go to other topics. So I think that these evidences are more than enough to say that, for our practical purposes, we can prove God exists. Of course, whether it is proven to you is another story, because to believe in something requires that the person is willing to believe. Many are not willing, and so not all believe.

I wanna know what tax payers are paying for abortions. If I'm not mistaken Medicaid is not covering abortions that aren't pertaining to rape or incest. These women are paying their own hard earned money so it doesn't have a damn thing to do with anyone else. You people are so hypocritical. War is murder. But you support that, innocent people are dying over seas at the hands of our soldiers and theirs but you don't protest that. The death penalty is murder also. Are our politicians protesting that? No they are not. The sad part is all of these so-called Christian Conservatives claim to care about life, but soon as these poor women apply for assistance it's more crying about tax dollars.

Actually, the Christians you speak of do protest war and the death penalty.
We don't choose whose life to defend. We defend them all. Infact, we even fight to save the lives of the ones who would rather die. Maybe the politians that are helping in the fight against abortion will move on to abolish the death penalty next.

No honey maybe you, but the Christians I know are your Republicans who are all pro-war and pro-death penalty. I for one am a Christian myself, but I by no means place myself in the same category as those hypocrites who just use religion to steal votes from the poor. They don't give a damn about those babies once they get here. Most republicans are the main ones bitching about their precious tax dollars, so whatever you'll can argue all day, live in oblivion all day, but the reality is these politicians don't care about life, they have an agenda.

Yeah. Because all women totally choose to be raped. That is the definition of rape, you know - something a woman ASKS to have done to her. And it's totally up to strangers to decide what the best thing for her is in that situation. That's not the least bit arrogant, heartless, or condescending at all.
By the way, once that kid is born, the mother had better not DARE ask for any help or "handouts" from the gubermint. That would make her a sponge on society. She needs to pull herself and her kid up by their bootstraps and just work hard and everything will magically work out fine for her. If it doesn't, that is just God punishing her for being lazy and probably voting Democratic.

Yeah. Because babies deserve to be murdered if you were raped. Sorry sweetheart, but that's the case of 2 wrongs NOT making a right. And I'm QUITE sure you're aware that LESS THAN 1% of abortions are performed in cases of rape or incest, or to save the life of the mother, right? Those are Planned Parenthood's statistics, so don't even attempt to dispute them. That means 99% of ALL ABORTIONS are being performed as birth control. Time to get your head out of your ass and wake up! You WILL have to answer to God for what you supported when you die.

Who's murdering babies??!! We're talking about the right a woman has to CHOOSE wether she wants to become a mother or not. Here are some FACTS i found to EDUCATE you.
Most abortions, about 88% are obtained in the FIRST TRIMESTER of pregnancy. In fact, over half of all abortions are obtained within the first 8 weeks. Fewer than 2% occur at 21 weeks or later.
So this means, they are aborting an embryo, NOT a baby. Either way, this is still the woman's personal choice, NOT YOURS unless it's your body!

MYTH: Women are using abortion as a method of birth control.
In fact, half of all women getting abortions report that contraception was used during the month they became pregnant.
Some of these couples had used the method improperly; some had forgotten or neglected to use it on the particular occasion they conceived; and some had used a contraceptive that failed. No contraceptive method prevents pregnancy 100% of the time!!!

If you want to continue pressing your religious views upon others, you really need to sit down and think of the damage you're creating with your ignorance.

Hi jan2,

So you think that an embryo is not a baby? When is it a baby, then? Actually, in my human development textbook, an unborn baby is never called a baby -- he's called an embryo, then a fetus, all the way until he is born. But just because we call him embryo or fetus doesn't make him not a baby -- those terms are just referring to his preborn development.

Abortion is not about choosing whether or not a woman wants to be a mother -- she already IS a mother! So what if most abortions are done in the first trimester? Within the first eight weeks, a baby already has developed a heart, brain, legs, toes, and all his organs. Not only that, but his DNA is different from his mother's DNA, so he is a separate, living entity different from his mother -- a real human being. Are you saying that a human being only becomes human after passing a development marker, say second trimester? That seems mighty arbitrary -- maybe babies aren't human until two years old? How do you draw the line? It is much simpler and accurate to see that conception is the moment when a human being begins, because a unique DNA has been created. Everything else that happens are just moments during development.

And you can't say that it's just a personal choice -- if that baby in the womb is a person, then killing it is murder. And a murder done inside the privacy of the operating room is not just personal business -- it is a crime no matter where it's done. Stopping the life of a human being is never a personal decision -- and I say this as a teenage woman, too. If abortion is my right, then I am ashamed to be a woman. The vast majority of abortions are done because a woman just doesn't want to be bothered in her career or college, or doesn't have the support of her family. I do not think that inconveniences like these should be of greater importance than the life of a child.

These are not religious views -- even atheists say that murder is wrong. If a baby in the womb is a person, then killing him is murder, plain and simple. If he is not a person, then nothing is wrong. Religion isn't related, and so I wish that you would stop mischaracterizing the other side.

Apparently you are very adept at creating your own facts, as that is all you have done to justify your made -up argument. Seeing that you are so concerned about forcing unwanted children to suffer, you must be running a home for unwanted children. Oh, I forgot, you just TALK. If you wish to save all the unwanted babies, then you better start taking care of them, or shut your moronic pie hole.


You say that my arguments are made-up, but you are only calling people names -- that will not convince anyone. I am trying to give justified arguments for my position. I do want to help the situation, which is why I'm commenting here, because some will see what I write and change their minds. Even if I don't help the situation further, I still have the right to say that killing them is wrong -- why do I have to devote my life to the situation in order to have a say? I believe murder is wrong, but I'm not out helping the DA catch murderers -- it would be great if I did, but I am not at the moment helping the cause against murderers. But just because I am not currently doing something for unwanted children does not mean that I can't say that killing them off is wrong -- it is wrong no matter what I am doing personally about it. IT is wrong. And your bad words are not going to endear anyone to your position.

So you're going to help take care of all of those kids when the mother who decided she wasn't ready to take care of them won't? Are you going to take them in? You going to help her finish school? Find her a job? It's amazing how people really act like they care about these unborn kids but you are all talk. Atleast the women are trying to do what is best for them. The government is not funding abortion. Women pay for that with their own money. If they feel that's what they need to do, than this is their choice and their right. It has nothing to do with you. Who is going to help her if she doesn't have help? Are you? No you are not so SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You say that abortion has nothing to do with anybody except the woman and her personal life. Well, then what about the Jews being killed during the Holocaust? Maybe if I was a German living under that era, I can say, "Oh, what's going on in the concentration camps has nothing to do with me -- so it can't be wrong. Who am I to tell other people what to do, especially to ban something that the government has legalized?" If abortion is murder, then it is everyone's business, just like the Holocaust was bad even though individual Germans were not affected by it.

I believe this is less about the RIGHT to CHOOSE what to do with ones body and more about the value itself of life. What makes life, in and of itself, so valuable? Is it the memories? The personality? The interaction within society? Or merely the ability to breathe and have a heart beat? What does a person in a permanent vegetative state contribute to society? To their families? To themselves?

Do you think it would be fair to come into this world unwanted? How would you feel - knowing that you were a horrible mistake and that the peolple who created you wanted nothing to do with you and gave you away, like taking an old tshirt to Goodwill?

Are you signing up to be a foster parent for all these kiddos? Are you creating a special fund to pay for their medical needs? Their food? Their shelter? Their clothing? Those are just the basic necessities. How about being there to guide them? To help show them HOW to live a good life. Or is that too much trouble for you?

Perhaps what we need to do is focus on SHOWING other people, NOT telling them, why and how life can be good. If we support and educate people, perhaps they won't feel as desperate. Perhaps they will make different choices for themselves.

Who are you to say what's right or wrong? There are infinite ways to handle each and every experience. And there are always things to learn from the paths we choose. Either way, it's an individual's CHOICE, not YOURS!


If abortion is an individual choice, without any clear right and wrong, then let me ask you -- is murder an individual choice, without any clear right and wrong? Maybe if I killed someone because she was cheating on my husband or something, maybe I was justified? Now, I believe that murder is wrong all the time -- and I sure hope you do! I don't do anything in particular to put away murderers, but that doesn't prevent me from saying that IT IS WRONG.

And if an unborn child is a human being, then killing it is also murder. And even if I don't in particular devote my life to helping children grow up -- maybe I devote my life to other causes or what not -- I still can affirm that killing that child would be wrong.

Hey, even if a person was brought into the world unwanted, does that give us the right to take his life from him before he's born, before he even has a chance to decide for himself if he wants to live or not? Are you not taking away the choices of another human being when you abort? Hey, maybe I don't help all the kids that need helping, but that doesn't mean they don't deserve to live and make their own decisions -- abortion robs them of any choices for a whole lifetime! You, by supporting abortion, are getting rid of the choices that millions could have taken if they were simply allowed to live and grow up.

And let me say, God is the one who determines right from wrong. Since you brought up the subject, I will talk about God. If there really was no God, then abortion AND murder is permissible, because yeah, who am I to say what's right and what's wrong? Hey, maybe murder is all right -- can you give me a reason, outside of the transcendent law of God, that murder is wrong? Maybe I'm "suppressing" the murderer's rights by saying it's wrong for him to murder! Please think about that -- because if there is no right and wrong, that is the terrible world we live in -- a world with no standards and no safety. Yes, there are many ways to handle an experience, but not all of them are right, and we need God's guidance to live life, since He is the author of life!!

And of course you are vociferously & loudly defending the rights of abortion doctors right to life, or is that one of those situations where it's ok to murder for Jesus? You crazy folks are so arrogant that you think that you have the right to decide what God believes. Just who the hell do you think you are to assume you know what God's innermost thoughts are. YOU DO NOT HAVE THAT KNOWLEDGE, so get over it and try to get a life that doesn't include killing people you don't agree with.

So you must feel the same way about the death penalty and war right because those count as murder as well.

It's interesting that opponents said up to 5 Billion dollars could be lost in Federal funding. This must mean that the Medicaid abortions were costing the Federal government 5 Billion dollars. Why do continue to think that large amounts of money fixes everything?

I believe a woman has a choice to not have sex. She has a choice to use birth control. She has a choice to use a condom. She has a choice to get married and be in a stable relationship before risking getting pregnant. Men have all the same choices.

This society continues to create "outs" for people who will not take responsibility for the choice they *have already* made. Once a woman is pregnant, that baby has a will to live, it thrives and tries to avoid pain. The innocent must be protected.

Adoption is a wonderful option for those too young or unprepared to parent. Adoptions can be open where mom and baby can have contact throughout life. Mom can choose her parents and meet them. Or if she desires more privacy, she can basically detail what kind of contact she wants. This is a wonderful healing process that young women can take huge pride in! It's not like the adoptions of the 50's that were so traumatizing.

I was pregnant at 18, I chose to not use a condom that one time. I decided to keep and parent her because I felt I had the support from my mom. I went to college, got a job (actually 4 jobs) and got married 6 years later to a different man. I did not have sex again until I was married because I knew the risk of getting pregnant. Visual/hands on lessons are great! (And we wonder why so many teens are sexually active. Perhaps b/c they never see the real consequences!) That’s why Morgan Freeman created 16& pregnant. (Thank you Mr. Freeman).

We need to provide TRUE support to women facing pregnancy, teaching them to value their children even when it is tough. If we teach the young to value the weak, we would have much less abuse of all kinds.
Regarding Rape: Read the book: "Startling Beauty" by Heather Gemmen. She was raped at knifepoint in her own home by a stranger who broke into the house. She KEPT her daughter and writes about it. She has a beautiful story. She had support and love from her community.
Rape and Incest make up Less than 1% of all cases. Let's put the 5 Billion towards helping those true victims with appropriate resources and start breaking these cycles.
If we just take a raped 13 year old, give her an abortion and some counseling sessions (lets face it, that’s not even happening) - we have not helped her AT ALL.
But if we support her through the biologically natural process, she has potential for healing. I was a crisis counselor for pregnant teens. The fact is that the vast majority of them WANT their babies. They simply feel like they don’t have the support. Let’s put the 5 Billion towards that support. And I promise you we won’t need it all because each person will become wiser for the responsibility and the healing she and he will go through.

It is a messy subject - but we need to stop seeing children as liabilities. Industrialized countries continue to move away from valuing the essence of humanity, the basic right to life. Instead we think we know how much people cost and then decide their value. This is barbaric and utilitarian.

If we approach the young with a holistic approach, teach them that all actions have consequences and that they will be responsible for those consequences, they would be led to make wiser choices. Instead we create "outs" left and right and then wonder why we have such an immature youth. We write books about youth who are not ready for college or ready to move out. These youth are not biologically different, they are simply not expected to live up to any expectations or given consequences good and bad for their choices.
Abortion is not an issue of women's choice - it is an issue of learning and teaching. Society needs to continue to teach the young about life learning - that our choices start a lot sooner than in the surgery room.

Sigh! 16 & Pregnant was created by Morgan J Freeman. NOT the black actor. Here is Morgan J Freeman, genius: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0293533/

And that show is only on and successful because people love train wrecks. If you pay attention to the girls on the show, you will notice that quite a lot of them have fathers who are not part of their lives, and about half of the girls on episodes I have seen just plain didn't understand a thing about birth control. I can't point the finger on that one directly on the school or the parents, but I will say it's very irresponsible to leave teenagers to assume things about sex for themselves.

The VERY FIRST thing we need to do is take that 5 billion, buy an island VERY far away from normal folks and send all you arrogant haters there where you can make your own rules regardless of how insane they are. It shouldn't be too long before y'all starve to death because of over-population. You can all get together and decide for yourselves what you THINK God wants you to do. Perhaps you are not aware that our founding fathers & mothers came to this land to get away from the religious persecution of whackos JUST LIKE YOU!

"It's interesting that opponents said up to 5 Billion dollars could be lost in Federal funding. This must mean that the Medicaid abortions were costing the Federal government 5 Billion dollars."

WHAT??? NO! It mean the state will be INELIGIBLE for Medicaid funding because it will not comply with Medicaid funding stipulations that they allow funding for abortion in the case of incest and rape. $5 billion for abortions? Really? Did you even think that through??

If pro-choice types were pro-choice types, they'd be willing to choose themselves. Why don't they choose themselves then? Because they are murderous hypocrites, who of course don't want to be vivisected and dismembered while they argue for the same to be done to helpless innocents. If back-alley abortion non-mothers don't want the health complications, they shouldn't seek to kill an innocent baby in the first place. Complications of abortion are a clue they shouldn't be done. And now that they are "legal" there are more botched abortions and more maternal deaths than there were in the 'back alley' days. Dr. Bernard Nathanson, abortion butcher of thousands of babies, repented later in life once he realized how evil his baby butchery had been. And Nathanson admitted he had lied about back alley abortions and the statistics he falsely claimed in order to foist Roe v. Wade upon an ignorant Supreme Court, which didn't realize he had been lying like Norma McCorvey ("Jane Roe") had been lying too. In case of lethal anomalies, if they are really lethal the situation will correct itself. Doctors who want money via lies and fraud are only too happy to recommend surgeries that aren't needed-- for abortion and anything else. Just because a doctor claims a baby will die or an adult will die or a person won't ever come out of a coma doesn't mean a word of it is true. If 'my body, my choice' is the guideline, remember that the baby's body is the baby's choice-- because the baby at all stages, growing by live cells all nine months, is a different person with his or her own rights. The abortion non-mother doesn't feel the pain of the abortion because it isn't her who is being vivisected and dismembered. What system of justice executes the innocent? None, because executing the innocent isn't justice. Abortions cost the abortion mills $10 to do, for disposable rubber gloves, masks, and paper gowns. The surgical instruments cost pennies per abortion because they are re-used thousands of times. Then the greedy abortionists charge hundreds of dollars for each 5-minute abortion hack job. That profit, times millions of abortions, gives the blood-money abortion lobby big bucks to buy off crooked politicians, judges, police, and journalists. Abortion butchery shouldn't happen to a dog, and it definitely shouldn't be happening to any little humans who only want to be loved and cuddled. www.100abortionpictures.com www.missionariestopreborn.com www.abortionno.org www.liveaction.org www.operationoutcry.org

"If back-alley abortion non-mothers don't want the health complications, they shouldn't seek to kill an innocent baby in the first place. Complications of abortion are a clue they shouldn't be done."

You know, there are complications with every medical procedure. Should we stop all healthcare?

This is sad. Having worked in the healthcare field at a time when abortions were illegal, I can remember the butchered patients that came to the ER after having a backstreet abortion. What about the women carrying very much wanted babies that have lethal anomalies, one of those being the painful osteogenisis imperfecta, where every time a baby moves another bone breaks? While I am a Christian and believe that life is sacred, I also don't believe a legislator should decide what I should do with my body, pregnant or not.


I'm glad you're a Christian, but abortion isn't about what you do with your body privately. It's about what you do with another's body -- the body of an unborn child. He has unique DNA and his own heart, hands, lungs, etc. Are those little toes and hands a part of your own body, or the body of another person, growing inside of you? He is his own person, but very vulnerable. Please don't support the "right" of abortion, because it is similar to the "right" of slavery - -they both hurt the rights of others, less strong than we. Think about it.

Finally a voice of reason within these disturbing comments. It's unbelieveable how ignorance runs rampant.

You are NOT a Christian. My adoptive mother was a product of incest and I was a product of adultry. I am grateful to my Lord that I was not aborted and much more grateful that my mother was given life! How many women died from abortions compared to how many babies have died and continue to die???? Most of these pregnancies are unwanted because these women make the wrong choices. Abortion has become as easy as divorce, " if it doesn't work we can always get a divorce or have an abortion" this is wrong in God's eyes no matter how you put it! Should be when murder our children when they are diagnosed with a deadly disease, such as lukemia? Lady, you are NOT a Christian. The word christian has been misused by so many now a days. That is another tragedy!

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