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Louisiana Legislative Auditor's Office releases DOTD audit

Louisiana Legislative Auditor's Office releases DOTD audit
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POSTED: Monday, November 25, 2013 - 4:03am

UPDATED: Monday, November 25, 2013 - 6:44am

There are a lot of unpaid tickets in South Louisiana. The Louisiana Legislative Auditor's Office just released a report on DOTD, and how the agency has failed to collect hundreds of thousands of toll violations.

The Louisiana Transportation Authority slacked when it comes to collecting tolls.

The audit shows that the agencies who are in charge of collecting tolls along LA-1 haven't for about 300,000 cars that allegedly violated the toll policy since June.

Here's the problem, those close to 200,000 "images" of cars using the toll road are not clear.

The agencies said they cannot see the license plates, claiming in the pictures the images either were not clear, the license plates were blocked, or the camera simply did not snap the picture on time.

The audit also reveals there's such a huge backlog of mailing out violations to the people allegedly caught on camera violating tolls, meaning both state agencies are missing out on a lot of money.

DOTD said it will finish mailing out violations to some 68,000 people through the first part of 2014. It has already taken steps to improve toll collections.  

Click the link below to see the full report.

DOTD AUDIT.pdf527.38 KB

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