Louisiana Job Fair

POSTED: Tuesday, April 7, 2009 - 6:20pm

UPDATED: Thursday, June 3, 2010 - 11:58pm

Nationwide, factories are closing, plants are shutting down, and people are out looking for work. But here in Louisiana, the economy’s good. So good, in fact, more than 50 companies are looking for new workers.

We’ve all heard about the recession, but in Louisiana, experts say the economy is stable. Today, companies looking for qualified employees set up a job in Baton Rouge. People are out looking for new jobs and hoping to make connections.

Thomas Rouch served in the military, then owned his own advertising agency, “I sold it and went back to school and studied business administration.” Then he began managing large facilities, most recently a 700,000 foot warehouse that stored all of the food for Associated Grocers. But today he is looking for a job. Realizing the chances of the same job opening at this point in time is not likely; he’s keeping an open mind and making sure possible future employers know. “You see a position you’ll look at it and say yes, it’s an opportunity and I know I can do the job, but when you look at my résumé and can I put all my credentials and explain my background, that’s difficult in a résumé.”

Raymond Webster spoke with numerous employers because his hours have been cut back. “I have five kids and a granddaughter,” and now his paycheck isn’t enough o support all of them. “I worked security three years since I’ve been out of the military and I want to do something other than security.” He says ten years in the army has trained him to be hardworking and disciplined. He knows state troopers and says he may want to start patrolling the streets.

Employment experts say good jobs are available right now in Louisiana. Job seekers say they want to make sure they find new careers, not just jobs. The Louisiana Workforce Commission holds their job fair twice a year.