Losing it in LA

Chris Latona

Chris is the General Manager of La Madeleine Café in Perkins Rowe. Being around food all day makes it hard for Chris to lose weight.

David D Aquin

David D’Aquin is the Weather Anchor for NBC33 News Morning Edition. He also serves as the Executive Producer for WVLA and WGMB in Baton Rouge. David weighed in at 254 – and he’s hoping to get a 1 in the front of his weight.

Dr. Rani Whitfield

Rani is known in Baton Rouge as the “Hip-Hop Doc.” A sports medicine doctor – Rani spends much of his time caring for patients with sports related injuries.

Heathre Hardin

Heathre never struggled with weight as a child. She took ballet, tap, and jazz classes for 17 years – and was always very active.

Losing It In Louisiana

Ten Baton Rouge residents have started a life changing journey to get healthy and lose weight. Our David D’Aquin is working on getting healthy too, and he has tonight’s “Losing it in Louisiana” report.

Sandra Jones

Sandra is a registered nurse in the cardiac wing of Baton Rouge General Hospital. Sandra spends so much time taking care of others – that she’s neglected her own health.

Whitney Breaux

Whitney grew up in the pageant world – and she still works to put on pageants throughout the state. In addition, Whitney works for the Baton Rouge Area Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Losing It In Louisiana

BATON ROUGE – Bally Total Fitness, WVLA NBC 33, and The Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports have teamed up to help Baton Rouge residents with “Losing it in Louisiana.” Spearheaded by NBC 33 Weather Anchor D