Losing it in LA

Losing it in Louisiana Part 12

The results are in and so far Jeremy Cronan is our biggest loser so far in 'Losing it in Louisiana'.

Losing it in Louisiana Part 13

BATON ROUGE (WVLA) – It was a first of its kind event in Baton Rouge – and NBC33 News was proud to present it. Nearly 200 people showed up last night for Losing it in Louisiana’s Sunset Yoga class.

Losing it in Louisiana Part 11

It's been three months of hard work, struggles, but most of all rewards.  Our "Losing it in Louisiana" participants have all noticed a change in their habits such as the way their clothes fit and their energy levels. 

Losing it in Louisiana Part 10

After two months of working out and now that our ten participants are getting in better shape, we're taking their training to another level.

Losing It In Louisiana Part 9

Losing it in Louisiana has gone to the circus, and all ten participants lived to tell about it. From tight rope to hula hooping, our Losing it in Louisiana participants had a chance to see what life’s like under the big top.

Losing It In Louisiana Part 8

We're just about at the half-way point for 'Losing it in Louisiana'. So far, our participants have lost over 100lbs, working with trainers at Bally Total Fitness and eating right.

Losing It In Louisiana Part 7

For the past month, we've been tracking the weight loss of ten Baton Rouge residents. So far they've lost over a hundred pounds.

Losing It In Louisiana Part 6

For the past month, ten Baton Rouge residents have been 'Losing it in Louisiana'. Now, the group has lost more than a hundred pounds. Our David D'Aquin introduces us to Chris Latona.

Losing it in Louisiana Part 5

We've picked ten Baton Rouge residents to be part of 'Losing it in Louisiana'. For the past month, our participants have been working out, eating right, and pushing hard to make sure they meet their goals.

Losing It In Louisiana Part 4

Have you ever gone for a walk or a job and come home with aching feet? David D’Aquin is leading a team of 10 Baton Rouge residents to lose weight.

Losing It In Louisiana Part 3

Knowing is half the battle – especially when losing weight. In tonight’s Losing it in Louisiana, our participants learn just how out of shape they are.

Losing It In Louisiana Part 2

10 Baton Rouge residents hoping to lose weight got a big surprise, when Jared Fogle from Subway showed up to offer support.

David D Aquin

David D’Aquin is the Weather Anchor for NBC33 News Morning Edition. He also serves as the Executive Producer for WVLA and WGMB in Baton Rouge. David weighed in at 254 – and he’s hoping to get a 1 in the front of his weight.

Dr. Rani Whitfield

Rani is known in Baton Rouge as the “Hip-Hop Doc.” A sports medicine doctor – Rani spends much of his time caring for patients with sports related injuries.

Heathre Hardin

Heathre never struggled with weight as a child. She took ballet, tap, and jazz classes for 17 years – and was always very active.