NBC33's Losing it in Louisiana: season 4 episode 4

NBC33's Losing it in Louisiana: season 4 episode 4
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Losing it in LA

POSTED: Tuesday, May 28, 2013 - 10:00pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, May 28, 2013 - 10:04pm

The blue team's Nicholas Yiannopoulos started NBC33's 'Losing it in Louisiana' looking for a fresh start. He wanted to rebuild his self esteem and his body.

"I like a little pain but not as much pain as Justin my trainer has given me in recent weeks," Yiannopoulos said. "We are getting some. Where we are making progress. "

He came into the competition at 281 pounds. He's gotten used to intense workouts, but his biggest struggle in the gym is increasing his flexibility.

"Nicholas really doesn't bring a lot of excuses to the table, which I love. He stays pretty positive. When things are burning I've heard my thighs are burning," Justin Kirk, Bally Total Fitness trainer, described. "He's a trooper and he just keeps on pushing through and does an excellent job."

Yiannopoulos already sees the results: "I feel much better. 10 times better than I normally would."

Yiannopoulos said he couldn't have found confidence in the gym with out his trainer Justin Kirk.

"Get along like long lost brothers," Yiannopoulas described. "A lot of times we can read what's on each others minds already which is great. "

"Thought he was pretty funny he walked up and made me laugh. I knew right then he'd be a fun guy to work with," Kirk said.

Yiannopoulos explained he started to gain weight while recovering from 3 surgeries on his foot.

"I was on crutches. I was on the couch a lot. My metabolism slowed down. I wasn't exercising properly," He said.

Now his greatest motivation is to be a better example for his daughter Caroline.

"She knows that daddy is every Tuesday night, Thursday night, Saturday morning, and either Sunday or Monday going to Bally doing his workout to improve himself," He said.

He said if he gets in better shape he'll be ready to show off a brand new happier version of himself.

"Which will translate and they will be able to see that I'm feeling good, looking good, and we'll see what happens then," He exclaimed.

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