Losing it in Louisiana: week seventeen

Losing it in LA

POSTED: Tuesday, July 10, 2012 - 11:00pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, July 10, 2012 - 11:04pm

It's week seventeen of NBC33 News Losing it in Louisiana. The remaining three contestants kicked the competition up a notch with a six event challenge designed to test the dieters mental and physical toughness.

It's the first of three events that will help determine which contestant wins Losing it in Louisiana.

For the first of three final fitness events the Bally Total Fitness trainers concocted a killer workout to see just how strong the contestants really are.

The trainers took it easy at first with a sit and reach test. The red team came up on top, but what began as a simple workout soon turned torturous.

"Awful, horrible, painful, wretched any of those words will work any synonyms," said contestant James Henry.

Next the teams competed in a 15 hundred meter row. Who ever made it to that mark the fastest took the points. James with the green team won.

"That was awful," said Henry. "When Erik was like ok breath out when you go forward. Breathe in when you go back. All I was thinking is don't pass out don't fall off the rower."

Then the trainers made the group do a dog sled race pushing a weight on top of a block. Contestants had one minute to make down the hallway as many times as possible, but again the green team won.

"In a sick way it was fun," said Henry. "I never thought I would say that."

Fourth event was a side plank off. Contestants lasted for around ten minutes. It was an event that tested just how determined they were to win.

"Just being able to make it this far in the competition, and knowing that I'd make it to the end," said contestant James Newman.

The judges declared the plank off a tie. The teaser came next. The contestant who kept his or her legs and arms up the longest wins.

"I made the mistake of before we did this whole competition I started doing splits to warm up," said Kris Cusanza. "It was fine until we started having to keep our legs in the air and my muscles were sore."

Despite the pain Kris pushed through for the win.

The final event was a series of jumping jacks bear crawls, burpies, sit ups and a sprint to the finish.

"The final challenge at the end the bear crawls were the worst," said Newman.

"It was tuff though," said Henry. "The last part just the combanation of things you can't your body never gets a break."

Here are the final standings at the end of the event.

James Henry leads the pack with 20 points.

Kris Cusanza came in second with 17 points.

James newman is in third with 12 points.

There is still time for any contestant to take the lead.

"If this is even the smallest inkling of what the rest of the competition is going to be like," said Cusanza. "Good luck guys, because it's going to be rough."

Next week the contestants step on the scale for month four's final weigh in.

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