Losing it in Louisiana: week 9

Losing it in LA

POSTED: Tuesday, May 1, 2012 - 11:00pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, May 1, 2012 - 11:04pm

Taking your workout outdoors can put a whole new perspective on weight loss. This week NBC33's Losing it in Louisiana contestants headed outside for a special boot camp workout.

From the warm up to the wind down James, Anita, Rebekah, James, Carole, and Kris made a silent pact. Never give up.

"That was rough that was really hard," said contestant James Henry. "I thought Erik was tough, but that was up there with what he does. "

Bally Total Fitness trainer and boot camp instructor, Lake Johnson, had the group jumping, crunching, and kicking our way to weight loss .

While it wasn't always graceful. All we had to do was try our best.

"I didn't get every exercise completely right," said contestant Carole Walker. "But, I know two month's ago I wouldn't have even made it that far."

The exercises varied in difficulty, but a "favorite" Losing it in Louisiana exercise made a comeback. Contestants realized their worst workout fear. They had to do burpies not once but twice.

"Burpies are not my friends," said contestant Anita Katzman.

The most talked about sequence of exercises was the crunches, oblique work, and plank holds.

Some people loved it.

"It's hard but the better you get at it the more fun it is," said contestant Rebekah Worrell.

"I surprised myself on the planks holding them as long as I did," said Anita Katzman.

"While maybe I didn't do so great on the abs. It was definalty the best part for me," said contestant Kris Cusanza.

Other people became fatigued from it.

"The hardest part is probably right at the end all the abdominal exercises," said contestant James Newman.

The contestants didn't let fatigue, or heat win this fitness fight. We all walked away a little skinnier and a lot healthier.

"It definitely kicks your butt," said Anita Katzman. "If you want a good workout definitely take Lake's boot camp."

Next week one of the contestants will lose their personal trainer. Narrowing it down to four contestants. Those four will compete in a final month of single elimination. Then the game changes completely.

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