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Losing It In Louisiana: week 7

Losing it in LA

POSTED: Tuesday, April 17, 2012 - 10:00pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, April 17, 2012 - 10:04pm

James Henry is man on a mission to lose weight. That's why he's teamed up with Bally Total Fitness trainer Erik Duncan to become the green team.

"I can give him brutal workouts," said Duncan. "I can torture him, he keeps going. He never says I can't."

So far James is leading the weight loss competition having lost 23 pounds in month one. James' wife Kasey Henry says she's seen the difference.

"I was like James is getting really skinny," said Henry. "You can really see it on him. He's doing a great job. He is at the point he needs to start buying new clothes. They're getting a little baggy on him. "

James hard work helps motivate Kasey. They've turned going to the gym into couple time. They are also making more of an effort to watch what they eat.

"We try to make a list on Sundays and go grocery shopping," said Kasey Henry. "So, we have plenty of stuff for salads and healthy breads around the house. If we have to grab things in a hurry and go we're not making poor choices."

But, smaller pants sizes is not why James wants to lose weight. Two years ago James lost his father due to heart problems brought on from being over weight. Now James is determined to make a change.

"That terrifies me, because it doesn't seem like 36 is young to lose your father, but when I think about how hard it was I don't want to put my children through that, "said James Henry.

When James first started working out, he had to overcome pain in his lower back. He and Erik turned to pilates to help him push through that pain. Now Erik says James is a champion.

"Now he can do almost anything, scratch that he can do everything," said Duncan. "His back has improved. It was really weak in the beginning. Now it's strong as an ox. "

There are four more months of Losing it in Louisiana, and Erik had this advice for James to help him stay motivated.

"Keep going. Keep going. Never give up," said Duncan.

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