Losing it in Louisiana: week 12

Losing it in LA

POSTED: Tuesday, May 29, 2012 - 10:00pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, May 29, 2012 - 10:04pm

When you've been on a diet for three months finding a workout that moves you can be difficult. So why not try a workout that is a little outside the box like Zumba.

"Zumba is dance fitness," said Zumba instructor Stephanie Condrey. "It's a combination of all different types of international music. We put together a fun hour of dance."

Condrey had the Losing it in Louisiana contestants and their partners working up a sweat and shaking off anxiety.

"I saw myself in the mirror it's been a while since I moved like that," said blue team contestant Carole Walker.

The combination of rhythm and confidence is key to making it through a Zumba workout.

"Coordinating legs and arms I can do one or the other," said green team contestant James Henry. "Once you get four things moving all bets are off. "

"I'm kind of spontaneous, so they know I act silly anyway," said Walker. "I don't know my pastor might be a little surprised. "

For some contestants the movements came easy. For other contestants the dance moves were a challenge.

"I'd say the stress level's lower fighting a fire, " said orange team contestant James Newman.

Condrey said with workouts like Zumba you get the most bang for one's buck when it comes to burning calories.

"Works everything," said Condrey. "You are working every muscle in your body."

"You work out," said Walker. "Hey, that means it's working. I like it though because you don't really think about it when you're doing it. "

After the workout was complete, Condrey was asked how well the contestants did she said they scored a perfect 10.

"They were awesome," said Condrey. "They did so good. They really got into it. They really kept going. Some of the combinations can get tricky, but they didn't care. They just had fun shaking their booty. "

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