Losing it in Louisiana: Week 11

Losing it in LA

POSTED: Tuesday, May 22, 2012 - 10:00pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, May 22, 2012 - 10:34pm

It is week eleven of Losing it in Louisiana and contestants are starting to see a stall at the scale.

When trying to lose weight there is one thing dieters dread: a plateau. That is the point in your diet and exercise routine when your scale just doesn't budge. Moving past the diet rut can get frustrating.

"A plateau is not bad it means you were on the right track," said Bally Total Fitness Trainer Carlos Rachel. "Now you have to change it."

If people work out like the Losing it in Louisiana contestants right about when they hit the two to three month mark they could start to experience the fitness flat line.

"Generally when they first come in they are really excited," said Bally Total Fitness Trainer Justin Kirk. "They are really dedicated to the diet and exercise. They don't cancel much. But, after those first couple of months everyone's going to slow down eventually. There is no secret to weight it just takes hard effort."

So how does a person put past a plateau? First pump up your workout routine.

"If you're used to doing two sets of something move to three sets," said Rachel. "If you're used to running one mile move to one and a half miles or 2 miles."

Second mix it up in the diet department.

"If a person is used to just eating chicken and vegetables everyday you're only going to get out of that so much," said Rachel.

Bally Total Fitness Trainers say in the end don't get caught up on the numbers, because there is more to a healthy life style than what you weigh.

"You may have seen some inches drop from your waist and thighs," said Kirk. "You want to look at the whole picture not just what it says on the scale."

And remember you can and will get healthier if you never give up.

" Work harder," said Rachel. "The key to beating a plateau is intensity . That's the best way to beat it."

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