Losing it in Louisiana; Progress recap

Losing it in Louisiana; Progress recap
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Losing it in LA

POSTED: Tuesday, October 8, 2013 - 10:00pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, October 8, 2013 - 10:04pm

The Losing it in Louisiana contestants have been fighting off the fat for a few months now, and they've come a long way.

The final four -- include Lesa Coberly, Nick Yiannopoulos, Miya Edwards, and Wendy Noble, and combined they've lost nearly 100 pounds, but with a lot of discipline and learning along the way.

With only more than a month left until their final weigh-in, they said it's the experience that counts.

"My outside is starting to match my inside, and I like that. How you view yourself internally and how you view yourself when you look in the mirror or when you look at the camera. It's like who is that person?" Miya said.

"Definitely physical conditioning. I'm trying to get it, and I still need a lot of, but I'm losing weight and getting in shape, and that's what I'm here for," Nick said.

"I mean I've lost inches on my waist, and that's been really exciting because my clothes are fitting better," Wendy said.

"I just really want to say thank you to NBC33 and Ballys because without that I wouldn't feel like a do now, and I feel great," Lesa said.   

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