Losing it in Louisiana: month four weigh in

Losing it in LA

POSTED: Tuesday, July 17, 2012 - 11:30pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, July 18, 2012 - 6:28pm

NBC33’s Losing it in Louisiana contestants are starting to look a lot leaner! They are down a total of 170 pounds over four months.

The Green team's James Henry held on to the lead tightening up his grip on the title by losing another eight pounds this month. That's a total of minus 52 pounds.

"I no longer do a number of reps it's to exhaustion,” said Henry. “So, my workouts aren't done until I collapse. I like the challenge."

Kris Cusanza is still stuck at number two in the competition. Cusanza lost five pounds this month for a grand total of minus 43 pounds.

Coming in a strong third is the orange team's James Newman. He's down eight pounds this month and down 28 pounds overall. He says the only way to move up is to steer clear of the pantry.

"At home having two teenagers that can eat whatever they want, so they keep whatever they want in the pantry,” said Newman. “So, it's staring me in the face all day every day."

The yellow team's Anita Katzman is fighting to drop the weight losing two pounds this month.

"Each month is getting more difficult for sure,” said Katzman. “It's like I’m hitting a little bit of a plateau, and we have to work through it."

Carole Walker with the blue team is breaking down the pounds with a one month weight loss total of seven pounds. She's down 16 pounds so far.

"I still want to progress a little quicker,” said Walker. “I got to speed up a little bit with my workouts."

The pink team's Rebekah Worrell continued her workouts after losing her trainer last elimination. She's down four pounds, and she's not giving up no matter how hard it gets.

"It’s easier whenever you have an appointment with a trainer, and you have to make it for that appointment rather than go whenever you feel like it," said Worrell.

This month James Henry also won the social media vote.
Henry will get ten points towards his final losing it score for his weight loss win.

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