Losing it in Louisiana episode twenty-three

Losing it in Louisiana episode twenty-three
Losing it in LA

POSTED: Tuesday, September 11, 2012 - 10:00pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, September 11, 2012 - 10:04pm

Firefighter James Newman with the green team is looking hotter than ever.
"I know a lot of people compliment me on how much better i look, so that helps," said Newman.

Newman lost 39 pounds over the past six months. Now, he's working to push himself to victory in the final contestant challenge.

"I've gotten better, but I still need a lot of improvement in those areas," said Newman.

"To win the competition keep working out hard like he does, and be more discipline on his diet," said Bally Total Fitness Trainer Joey Juneau.

Juneau says James needs to work on sticking with exercises even when he starts to feel fatigued, because James can do anything he puts his mind to.

"He is capable of doing the exercises I give him, so I'll throw some crazy stuff in there,” said Juneau. He's able to do them."

"The squats with the barbell would probably be the hardest," said Newman.

Newman says going forward his biggest struggle will be to pick healthy food even when his family grabs greasy grub.

"I'm the one that chooses what I eat and what I don't eat,” said Newman. “I can't put the blame on them the final choice is mine."

James said he's not going to let anything distract him from his goal of getting fit.

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