Losing It In Louisiana Episode Five

Losing it in LA
Tuesday, March 27, 2012 - 11:17pm

For Saint George Fire District Chief James Newman working out has become a new way of life. Whether its pushing himself to the limit at bally total fitness
or catching a workout at the fire station James is determined to lose the weight.

“You have to decide what’s best for you,” said Newman. “You have to make yourself do it. No one else can make you do it you have to do it yourself.”

Those who work with James say he’s become some what of an exercise fanatic.

James’ coworker Anthony Maggio said, “You’ll catch him on the treadmill 9 o’clock at night running about an hour and half. It’s like chief when are you going to stop.”

But there’s a good reason for James to lose weight. Spokesman for the St. George Fire Department spokesman Eldon Ladoux said, “The fire services is one of the most physically demanding careers. The leading cause of death among firefighters is cardiac arrest.”

At home James family has noticed a big change in his energy levels and say the “new” James doesn’t let anything tempt him to break his diet.

“I asked him the other day if he had tried the new Dorito taco and he was like no I can’t it will wreck my diet,” said Jamie Newman James son.

James’s bally fitness trainer Joey Juneau says James always works hard at the gym even if he doesn’t particularly like the exercise. 

“The plank he hates those, so that’s why I make him do them, because he hates them,” said Joey Juneau

While James works out at the gym, James’ son Jamie says he’s been keeping a close eye on his dad. Jamie had these words of advice for his dad.

“I love him and I’m proud of him he’s been a real inspiration for me,” said Jamie Newman, “I hope he can keep it up.”


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