Losing It In Louisiana Episode 3

Losing it in LA

POSTED: Tuesday, March 13, 2012 - 11:00pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, March 13, 2012 - 11:04pm

What began as a day of fun soon turned in to a day of fitness and fatigue.

The first stop on our fitness test walk a mile as fast as you can, but no running, a challenge more difficult than you might think.

"Today was tough, but i made it," said contestant Carole Walker.

From there we moved on to a more relaxing challenge the sit and reach. testing how far contestants could stretch beyond their feet.

Contestants pumped it up a notch with the bench press. Contestants got three tries to see just how much weight they could lift.

"Even though my mind wanted to give up my body was still pushing," Said contestant Walker. " Sometimes your body takes over. But, you can't feel bad cuz you know in your heart that you can push a little bit more you would."

As a group we can bench any where from 75 to 210 pounds; not to bad for a group only 3 weeks into training.

The next two steps may seem familer to you: situps and push ups. The trainers watched us, helping us count how many sit ups and push ups we could do per minute.

"My fave part is when we're done," said contestant Anita Katzman, "I'm in pain and I want it done"

Then came the burpies and an exercise that can only be described as " brutal", "rough," and " horrible."

Only four people were able to complete the exercise.
James H. Rebekah, James N, and myself.

James Henry said, "You don't think it's that hard until your half way through it until your body wants to quit…"

" My legs were killing me," said Rebekah Worrell. "I didn't think I could run anymore. I was having problems breathing. But I got through it. "

"It really got hard especially having to go down kick your legs back then back than stand up," said James Newman. " It started getting rough."

Through it all we stuck together, and remembered that 'Losing It In Louisiana' means you're never alone.

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