Contestants blog: week twenty-two

Contestants blog: week twenty-two
Losing it in LA

POSTED: Tuesday, September 4, 2012 - 10:30pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, September 5, 2012 - 8:34am

James Newman with the orange team writes:

Hurricane Isaac messed up a lot of things last week, including my diet and exercise routine. Being on emergency call back at the firehouse, most of the time I was having to grab what was available at either the office or whatever station where I was at the time. Hoping that it didn't mess me up too bad, just glad things here are back to normal.

Carole Walker with the blue team writes:

This past week was really chaotic & emotional due to the hurricane and the 1 year anniversary of my mama's passing. I usually work out whenever I'm stressed about things, but Hurricane Isaac definitely got in the way of that for a few days. Trying to adjust to the changes due to LSU being closed and making sure things were in order for my student-athletes was nerve wrecking. On top of that, the reality that my mama had been gone for a year was like an emotional rollercoaster. Still I stayed focused for the most part when it came to my diet, but it wasn't easy especially when you catch a case of "cabin fever" having to stay in the house for a few days. Now that Losing It In Louisiana is about to wrap up, it makes me a little sad because it's definitely been a life changing experience for me. I can also honestly say that it helped save my life. With that being said, I'm going to finish this program giving it all I got and then continue on so that I can continue to be fit and healthy.

James Henry with the green team writes:

Isaac caused us a short power outage and the disruption of our workout schedules. At first it was annoying, but considering what others have gone through, we were extremely lucky. Our thoughts and prayers are with those still suffering from Isaac's aftermath.

Kris Cusanza with the red team writes:

The Isaac coverage diet was a simple one. Grab crystal light, tuna fish salad kit, and protein bar. Then run across the area carrying 30 pounds of camera equipment. I had a hard time once the tuna fish ran out because then all that was left was the fatting foods. I gained back a little weight, but I’m determined to lose it again.

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