Contestants blog: month four weigh in

Contestants blog: month four weigh in
Losing it in LA

POSTED: Tuesday, July 17, 2012 - 10:45pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, July 17, 2012 - 10:49pm

Carole Walker with the blue team writes:

I really excited after the weigh in last week because I dropped another 7 pounds. I felt myself getting a little bored with my workout routines and diet so I decided to add a little more variety both. I started walking more at a local park, which gave me a different environment because I am a people watcher so I sort of get lost in that instead watching the clock. As for my meals I added a little more red meat to my diet along with a variety of spices to add more flavor. On top of the weight loss accomplishment I also took horse riding lessons last week and had a blast. It felt great and the horse and I both survived so it's something I plan on continuing.

James Newman with the orange team writes:

With the 8 pounds I lost over the month of June, that makes 28 lbs. since the start of the competition. I am very happy with the progress I have made so far, but I feel that I need to step things up in these final two months. Thanks to everyone for the encouragement and support.

Kris Cusanza with the red team writes:

I can’t wait until the Losing it in Louisiana games. It’s been really fun getting to compete with the other contestants. They are all so supportive and as a group we’re doing great. The games are meant to help us bond be silly and work up a sweat. Also, with the obnoxious heat I have maintained my weight loss. I have to carry lots of equipment going on stories and I definitely think it counts as part of my weight training for the day.

Anita Katzman with the yellow team writes:

We had a weigh-in last week and I lost 2 pounds. I didn't make my goal of 5 pounds, so I'll be trying to see what I can do differently. While giving my 3 year-old his snacks sometimes, I realized I'd take a small handful without realizing it. I'll do this a few times a week, and after a month, it's so many extra calories. So, I'll be cutting those out and trying to eat a better variety of foods.

James Henry with the green team writes:

I lost another 8 pounds this month, bringing my total to 52 pounds. I cannot believe that I’ve cracked the half-century mark! That's like carrying around 6 gallons of milk! I keep waiting to wake up from this dream, look in the mirror, and see the same guy I was in January. I honestly just assumed I would be the chubby guy the rest of my life, but now I'm staring down sub-200 pounds and working on six-pack abs! I could not have done this alone. Thank you NBC33, Bally's, Erik, and Kasey – you’ve changed my life. And to my fellow Losing it in Louisiana contestants you rock! Between the 6 of us, we have lost approximately 165 pounds – that’s a whole person! I am so lucky to get to go through this experience with such a fun group of people!

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