Contestant blog: week 8

Contestant blog: week 8
Losing it in LA

POSTED: Tuesday, April 24, 2012 - 10:30pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, April 24, 2012 - 10:34pm

James Henry writes:

You know how you hang on to those clothes when you gain weight thinking, "When I lose weight, these will look great on me again?” Then weeks, months, and years go by and the distance between where you are and where you need to be for your 'skinny clothes' gets seemingly insurmountable. Guess what? It’s not impossible. I'm 37-years-old and I've dieted my way to a part of my closet I never thought I'd see again. You're never too old, too heavy, too anything to get healthy. Trust me.

James Newman writes:

The lesson on food that we had this past weekend was very informative. Not just the same old "eat this, don't eat that"; but finding out the proper amounts of different fruits and vegetables, why certain fruits and vegetable are better. Learning why you can have more of this fruit but limit that fruit. Also, learning that you can't always go by what the "serving size" on the food label. Some of the serving sizes on the labels list a serving as twice as much as what it should be in some cases. I was glad to see that Carol is staying motivated and continuing with the program as well. Looking forward to the boot camp challenge coming this weekend. Should be interesting. Good luck to all.

Anita Katzman writes:

Three advantages to working out: First you are in a better mood and passing along the positive energy to other people. Second, you are more active. Third clothes fit better. If I don't get enough sleep though, the first two don't happen. The power of sleep! After a training session where I'm completely out of it, it reminds me to not go to bed so late. So my focus right now is sleep, more consistent stretching and setting goals. When someone said "set goals" to me before, I would have no clue where to even start. Now, thanks to Justin, I know what kinds of goals to set for myself, and a huge thanks to Bally Total Fitness for this opportunity! I'm still as excited about this as day 1 when we started.

Carol Walker writes:

Going to Calvin's Grocery this past Saturday with the dietitian and Erik from Bally's was very helpful. I've been doing my best to read labels when grocery shopping hoping that I was close to being right with my food selections. This experience really gave me some much needed information about serving sizes for specific foods, sodium intake, good fruits and bad fruits as well as how what we see on the label is not always accurate. I also learned a few new tricks in regards to enhancing the flavor to my food by using natural seasoning and taste is sometimes the biggest obstacle in sticking to a diet. Knowing that I can have a variety of healthy eating choices and understanding what is good and bad for me is great is great and will allow me to stick with this weight loss journey.

Rebekah Worrell writes:

This week we went to the supermarket and learned all about what's healthy to eat and what's not. I learned that reading the nutrition label is very important and to always check the serving size. The hardest part of eating right has definitely been finding healthier foods. But now that I know what to look for, I'm hoping it gets easier.

Kris Cusanza writes:

I bought a new dress for the first time in weeks. Not only was it a smaller size, it was cut I would never normally wear. It felt good to be able to wear a dress with confidence. My fiancé even asked me if I’m losing more weight. I can’t wait for boot camp this weekend. I like a challenge.

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