Local vet at odds with the VA hospital

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POSTED: Wednesday, May 21, 2014 - 6:26pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, May 27, 2014 - 3:22pm

Oh yea, we're going to take care of it,

they'll get me in with a doctor and then the same thing happens all over again.

Amy Carmona says, she's been given this message over and over.
but nothing's happened.

Carmona served in the air force for three years, and since then, she has had many serious health issues, and most recently was informed she had a lump on her breast that could possibly be breast cancer. but she says - instead of treatment, she's only getting stress.

"I have no continuity of care. in the past 8 months, my primary care doctor has changed four to five times," says Carmona.

She also says when she finally gets to see a doctor, she's waiting for hours.. and she feels like the VA staff doesn't even care.

"It makes me feel like i served my country for nothing. it makes me feel like they don't care, it makes me very scared for my two sons," says Carmona.

Her husband added, "it's very frustrating. it effects everyone i think. it effects, definitely our relationship. it effects the family core, and it effects our kids."

Coming from a family of veterans, and having many close friends who served or still serve, the mistreatment hits close to home.

"That's something that's very, very close to my heart. they are not doing anything for vets in this country. and if you go to the homeless, at least 50 percent of them are vets," says Carmona.

Today, President Obama told americans if the v-a allegations are true, he won't stand for it.
Carmona has a message of her own.

"President Obama is the president and chief of the military, would he want this kind of care for himself or his family? there are hundreds of thousands of veterans going without medical care and medicine daily, because they are not getting the treatment they deserve. they are the ones putting their lives on the line for this country and for other countries that you send them to. take care of their vets because they are the ones who take care of you," says Carmona.

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I can understand her frustration!!! I have been waiting for six months to get an answer back to go to Houston to see a neuro doctor for my degenerative disk disease in my neck. I go daily with chronic neck and head pain. I am a veteran of desert storm and 3 tours of Iraq and I had heard the stories while on active duty that once you become a civilian again they don't care about you anymore, I believe that 100% because know I'm on the outside with every vet that told me the truth!!!

I am also a vet for

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