Local teen takes a stand against cyber-bullying and expoitation

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POSTED: Thursday, January 30, 2014 - 7:00pm

UPDATED: Friday, January 31, 2014 - 9:09am

Cyber-bullying is a problem across our nation.

“I thought it was outrageous. I mean it’s crazy. I never would have expected to see anything like this from kids my age.”

This is a young teen who decided to speak out about this ongoing issue. She never expected to see social media accounts with nude and provocative pictures of teens that were all out there for the public eye.

Now, it's going a step farther, with some people posting nude pictures of children on social media. Young kids and teens are living in a different society nowadays with social media everywhere and so accessible, things can get out of hand and they have.

In Denham Springs there’s a problem, young kids are exploiting their peers by sharing nude photos on the popular social media app, Instagram.

One local girl says this is a disgrace and something needs to be done. Twitter, Facebook, Snap Chat and the primarily picture sharing app, Instagram are used by millions world wide but here in Louisiana some teens are using the popular apps to do more harm than good.

"There were naked pictures of minors and kids my age and under. They were all posted all over the page of males and females and also of them having intercourse and also just bathroom pictures."

This high school girl couldn't believe her eyes, when accounts like the ones she described popped up on her Instagram feed.

“They were identified and some of them had what school they went too.”

These accounts were allegedly made to exploit people who shared provocative pictures with who they thought were close friends.

“I know things get in their head and they think of it will be okay I can trust this person but it’s not true you can’t trust anyone."

So it’s not just the exploiters, those taking the pictures are put in a compromising situation the second they press send.

“It doesn't take long for photographs like that to go viral,” said Capt. John Sharp from the Walker Police Dept.

Police tell us this is something that' they have been tackling for a long time.

“We have has a degree of success in locating the individuals who have started these types of campaigns to ruin the reputation of others and in a couple of instances they have been prosecuted.”

So with minors in our community, exploiting themselves without even realizing it, its girls like this one that hope to get a handle on this ongoing problem.

'It's something that ca really be stopped unless they put an age limit on the social media sites,” said the concerned teen. “It’s something horrible and I think it’s out of control."

So aside from making wise decisions, the advice from law enforcement is simple.

“The best rule of thumb is don’t post anything on the internet that you do not want everyone to see."

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